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As an AI and Data Consulting Firm, we will accompany you on your own Data-Journey. A comprehensive Data Strategy forms the basis and the framework for generating added value from Datawhat we refer to as Data2Value.



Data is the fuel for digitalization. Only those enterprises capable of effectively utilizing Data to create value will be successful in the future. In our capacity as an AI and Data Science Consulting Firm, we will support you throughout your Data-Journey. Make the most of our over 1.000 projects worth of AI and data consulting experience for over 100 clients from a wide variety of business sectors, including numerous DAX-listed corporations. Don’t make the same mistake as other companies and instead learn from our tried and tested methods and our team of experienced experts. We combine the best elements of strategy consulting, Thought Leadership and comprehensive practical project experience – forged and tested in what may well be the world’s toughest market in terms of data protection and client skepticism.

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Many companies currently face the challenge of building, developing or optimizing their internal AI and Data Science capabilities
with the ultimate goal of improving their return on investment. Many of them struggle to identify whose example to follow, which trends to anticipate and what the best practices in terms of organizational form, technology and processes are. We can support you in finding answers to those questions and in doing so, help you master any challenge in the fields of AI and Data Science.


In order to begin crafting your data strategy, we first conduct an assessment workshop to determine your current situation. In this workshop we will introduce the most essential elements of any data strategy. We also work together to assess your enterprise’s status quo and conduct a benchmarking of your current Big Data, AI and Analytics capabilities. Using Design Thinking methods, we then work to develop your own vision and Data roadmap towards the goal of becoming a data-driven enterprise. Finally, we collaborate to define the Five Pillars of your data operating model: Organizational structure, processes, roles, Data Governance and IT Systems Landscape. We assist you in managing the necessary changes in your company. In addition, we conduct individual coaching for management and project teams while simultaneously working to support you in continuously improving your project portfolio.

Best Practice Methods




Design Thinking Workshops


Individuelle Coaching


Development of agile Organizations


Continuous Portfolio optimization


In depth analysis and solutions for established processes


Benchmarking your current AI, Big Data and analysis capabilities

Development of your Data Strategy Roadmap

Custom-designed Data Operating Model with clear goals for your enterprise in mind

Detailed concepts for any possible Data Science and AI Problems

Our Technology partners

Der Assessement Workshop

Sie wissen noch nicht wie Sie Ihre Datenstrategie im Unternehmen implementieren sollen? Mit der Data Strategy erhalten Sie von unseren Experten eine Einführung in die 5 wichtigsten Elemente und stellen Best Practices vor. Anschließend wird der Ist-Stand und das Zielbild für die 5 Dimensionen bewertet. Zu den Dimensionen gehören, Organisationsstruktur, Prozesse & Use Case Pipeline, Rollen, Data Governance und IT Systemlandschaft. So ist es möglich konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen für Sie abzuleiten und eine individuelle Datenstrategie zu erarbeiten.


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What distinguishes [at]

Leader für
AI und Big Data

Wir sind als #1 Value Creator im Machine Learning von CRISP Research sowie als Big Data Leader in Deutschland von Experten ausgezeichnet worden.


Wir haben über 1.000 AI & Data Science Projekte in über 15 verschiedenen Branchen durchgeführt.


Für unsere Kunden finden wir abhängig von den jeweiligen Bedürfnissen die passende Technologie und unterstützen in der Implementierung.




What is a data strategy?

A data strategy is the definition of long-term goals for the value-added contribution of asset data in organizations as well as the activities and resources required to achieve them. The data strategy defines the master plan for the creation of added value through data in organizations and is thereby a core component of the overall digitization strategy.

A data strategy has to provide a coordinated response to all design objects. The sub-strategies are being integrated into an overall program for transformation into a data-driven organization.

Can you guarantee us a Rol?

In order to be able to generate added value from data, it is essential that we calculate a business case together with our customer in every project and that we can measurably verify it during the entire project. However, due to the innovative nature of many of our projects, this is not always possible – so we have to work with assumptions in such cases. A guarantee of a Rol is not possible due to the innovative project nature.

Can we develop individual training courses?

[at] already offers standardized Data Science training on various topics. We are happy to develop individual solutions. We are gladly willing to adapt them to your existing technologies.

What skills do your consultants possess?

Our Data and AI experts have a wide range of knowledge and skills. Among the technical backgrounds:

  • Mathematics 16 %
  • business administration & economics 14 %
  • AI, big data & data science 6 %
  • engineering sciences 14 %
  • physics 9 %
  • computer science 41 %

Do you only consult or do you also take over the realization and implementation of this?

With the help of our Data Journey we accompany you from your first idea to the finished data product.

Do you also provide non-binding cost estimates?

After an initial discussion, we would be happy to provide you with a non-binding estimate of the costs for your project.

What is the Data Journey?

With the Data Journey we accompany you from the first idea to the finished data product. Using this framework, projects can be classified at any time according to the maturity level of the data products and the succeeding phase can be planned. This enables us to generate real added value from data projects.

Who should I approach with a concrete project inquiry? What is the offer process here?

For a first exchange on your request please contact our Head of New Business Simon Decker!
He will be very glad to assist you with your request and will consult the appropriate experts, depending on the areas in which your challenges are located.

Request here

We still need expertise in one of our current projects. Can I book individual profiles in the process?

We would also be pleased to send you profiles matching your request.

Does [at] offer teams or is there the possibility for single sourcing?

Our experience has shown that we can best respond to the (sometimes unplanned) requirements in a project when we support you as a team. Depending on the question, it usually requires more than one person. In cases where the requirements are very clear, we can also plan with fixed project staff.