“A cloud or cloud computing refers to the internet-based provision of computing power, storage space or application software provided in the form of a service.”

Cloud Services

“The term cloud services is an umbrella term for the services provided to a company and its clients via the internet.”

Computer clusters

A computer cluster is a network of connected computers (nodes). While resources and tasks are shared within the network of computers, the user is provided with just a single point of access. The great thing about a computer cluster is that it enables horizontal...

Computer vision

Computer vision studies how computers can be programmed to understand digital videos or images. Computer vision is vital in areas such as object recognition and autonomous driving. In both NLP and computer vision, deep learning approaches have proved to be extremely...

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring refers to the continuous monitoring of the equipment’s state, usually through sensors. Its goal is to identify changes that indicate potential damage, so repairs can be performed before a failure gets the chance to occur. The primary idea is to...