What is Computer Science?

Since the 1960s, computer science has meant the study of algorithmic processes, the theory of automata and the principles and application of computers. In the case of the latter, it is worth noting the difference with a computer engineer or electrical engineer, who deal with hardware and electronics, whereas the focus of computer scientists is on software. Their field is thus more theoretical, but also includes the development and application of software. Nevertheless, they are closely related to electronics and hardware because the two are necessarily interdependent.

Classic research and application fields of computer science include computer architecture, programming languages, visualisation, human-computer interfaces, databases and artificial intelligence.

Thus, computer science not only provides a descriptive understanding of how modern computer systems work, but also creates new technologies and researches how they should be applied and how they can positively influence human life. Thus, the challenges of computer science are, on the one hand, abstract in the sense of what an algorithm can solve and, on the other hand, very concrete, because it should make its new findings as simple as possible for the users to use on the end devices.

Is Computer Science a complicated scientific field?

Computer Science is considered one of the most difficult scientific disciplines. As already mentioned, in addition to learning programming, a computer science student must also acquire a high level of knowledge in mathematics, statistics and a basic idea of electronics and hardware. Moreover, such courses usually build on the previous semesters, so that one directly applies knowledge already learned as a basis in the next semester. So you quickly get left behind and have to catch up on a lot if you don't throw yourself fully into your studies.

What are the opportunities on the job market as a computer scientist?

Computer scientists are very much in demand and there are a lot of vacancies, especially in Germany. Among other things, they can be employed as database administrators or game developers, deal with computer systems or even go into IT consulting. New opportunities arise from the high demand for mobile apps as developers, but also the increased risk of cyber attacks makes computer scientists popular with governments and large companies to protect their data.

How are these jobs paid?

As a rule, jobs that computer scientists accept pay very well. It depends on experience, degree and location, but computer scientists are considered the best earners, with gross salaries starting at around 50,000 euros a year. This fact is also reflected in the high corporate values of the large IT companies in America.