DevOps is a combination of ideas, tools and practices that enable companies to deliver applications and services faster. Through development and operations, companies develop and improve their software products faster than those that use traditional processes to develop solutions and manage infrastructure.

Development and Operations automates and connects the work of teams responsible for software development and IT operations, enabling them to create, evaluate and release applications efficiently and reliably.  

The term DevOps integrates development and operations, signalling a shift in the way companies think about both aspects of their work. Where there used to be an artificial separation that contributed to inefficiency, both teams (development and operations) continuously share ideas to produce better software products.

This type of collaboration shortens the time required to develop new software while enabling continuous delivery of high quality products. In this way, development and operations complement Agile software development as well as various aspects of DevOps that stem from the Agile methodology.  

Any organisation can achieve DevOps by following best practices for development and operations, such as providing a central unit to coordinate development and operations, implementing test automation, and ensuring that teams always work well together.

DevOps is much more than a set of technical processes. It is a culture and mindset that promotes close collaboration between the individuals who develop, deploy and maintain software.