What is ImageNet?

ImageNet is a database that is used especially in research. It contains images that are assigned to nouns and arranged in a hierarchy. There is one noun for every 500 images, and over 14 million images are integrated in the database. Furthermore, there are well over 20,000 different English-language categories.

Areas of application

The project enjoys great popularity in various research projects. Already in 2009, this was brought out and is used for training purposes in the field of the Convolutional Neutral Networks applied. The ILSVRC software competition, which has been held since 2010, is used to correctly classify or determine scenes and various objects. Especially when it comes to machine learning, ImageNet should not be missing as a mention in this context.

Images and term database

In principle, it is a matter of displaying the correct symbol or image for a certain term. In order for the system to recognise which noun or which term belongs to the correct image, programmers can create associations and comparisons, always in connection with the respective class. In a normal standard search engine, the system is similar. Users only find information on the term they have previously entered. To ensure that pictures of the noun searched for are always displayed, the Database always be up to date.

ImageNet as Artificial Intelligence

As an independent database system, users can access a complex service that displays various results for a single search term, but all of which are related. When smelling a certain odour, it generates and activates several mental images in the human brain, as well as associations and memories that were learned, acquired and made at some time in the past life. This then results in a certain reaction.

It is similar to this with ImageNet as artificial intelligence. By feeding in various images and associated information, as well as the frequency with which certain search terms are entered, the system can not only determine the popularity of these, but also create its own ranking as well as links to similar words.


ImageNet is a platform and database that never stays at one and the same level. Constant updates and extensions ensure that images and nouns or search terms are always being added that the system can work with. The database expands, i.e. continues to develop. Similar to the human brain, structures and the intelligence network are constantly being expanded. Even if the database is dependent on additional input, it can hope for a rosy future due to the great popularity and demand from industry and research.

At the same time, normally large data collector services may also pose a danger. Everything you publish and use there will somehow and somewhere be evaluated by someone and used and analysed for purposes of various kinds. The collection of statistics and market research purposes can be just some of the aspects. Major search engines work according to a similar principle. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of transparency for laypeople and normal users as to what happens with the data.