Machine Learning is a field of study that deals with algorithms, statistical models and computer systems. The goal of machine learning is to give computers the ability to learn some tasks explicitly programmed for them. Because machine learning uses so many statistical methods, it is often referred to as statistical learning or applied statistics. Unlike statistics, it uses more computer science (programming) and typically has a slightly different goal. Nevertheless, statistics and machine learning share many common methods. 

Machine Learning is a discipline that deals with the study and production of algorithms, statistical methods and computer systems that are used to perform certain tasks without explicit instructions. With machine learning, we are able to develop computer programs that act autonomously and intelligently, predict the future and even automate certain tasks for us. 

Machine learning and the increased availability of data are the main drivers of the development of AI systems. Almost all of the major breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence and the leading AI systems available today have been developed using machine learning methods. This trend will continue as the data that is the main fuel of machine learning becomes more widely available.