What is Neural Machine Translation?

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a machine translation application that uses an artificial neural network to predict the probability of a sentence containing a sequence of words, typically mapping entire sentences into a single integrated model.

Among its important features is that NMT requires only a fraction of the memory that would be used by traditional statistical machine translation models. Also, unlike conventional translation systems, all parts of the neural translation model are trained together (end-to-end) to maximise translation performance.

Applied was in-depth machine learning already in speech recognition in the 1990s. In 2014, the first scientific paper on the use of neural networks for machine translation appeared and in the following years, many advances were made in this field. For example, since 2017, neural machine translation has been introduced at the European Patent Office. In collaboration with Google, there are 31 supported languages and as of 2018, over 9 million documents have been translated in the system.

How does Neural Machine Translation work?

NMT is a form of machine learning in which the computer learns to perform a particular task by using data from previous examples of that task. NMT models use a translation method that uses encoder-decoder structures.

What are the market solutions for machine translation?

There are a number of market solutions that use NMT to deliver accurate translation. Systran, for example, can even surpass the translation of non-native speakers with its innovative neural machine. With Pure Neural MT, top-quality machine translations can be mastered. Artificial intelligence and deep neural networks are applied to language processing.

High-quality translations are also possible with DeepL Pro. DeepL Pro can translate securely, quickly and accurately. This market solution offers unlimited text translation and can translate entire documents at once. It is possible to adapt the results of the DeepL translator to your own requirements. This provider guarantees the highest level of data security.

Further applications of machine translation can be found at Google Translate and at Baidu Translate. NMT delivers the highest quality translations. Artificial neural networks are used internally with such software.