Oracle is a multinational computer technology company that mainly develops and distributes various technology and programming products and software for businesses. The software is mainly used for database and information management, but in recent years they have branched out to provide software that deals with operating systems, monitoring, business applications, application development, and cloud and storage management. 

Standard terms used in the field of technology

  • Data. These are raw bits of information that are stored in a system without context or have no meaning. But when processed and put together, they can be managed to provide the meaningful information needed. 
  • Database. This is a well-organised set of data or structured information stored electronically in a computer system, which can facilitate access to and management, updating and control of data. 
  • Oracle database. This is a data management system developed and distributed by Oracle. It offers outstanding performance, reliability, security and flexibility and can support and sustain the most demanding analytical and operational workflows in an enterprise. The database consists of numerous components: multi-tenant, partitioning, OLAP, Enterprise Manager Control, Advanced Compression, Database Lifecycle Management Pack and many more. Oracle is the first database to support SQL, a structured query language that has become the most common standard programming language in the industry. 
  • Structured Query Language (SQL). This is a domain-specific programming language designed for the management or steam processing of data stored in a database management system. 
  • Middleware. Middleware is software that provides standard and additional services for software applications outside the operating system. 
  • Fusion Middleware. This is the digital enterprise platform that allows businesses to connect to the cloud. It enables the creation and operation of intelligent and agile business applications while maximising business efficiency through state-of-the-art software and hardware architecture.