The relational model is a type of database model, i.e. a way of organising structured data in a database. In a relational model, a real process is mapped with data organised in interconnected tables (also called relations), each of which stores data about a particular entity or process. Databases in which data is organised according to a relational data model are called relational databases. Because data is stored in tables, relational databases are not suitable for storing unstructured data. 

The relational model is an extremely versatile and powerful, yet simple way of organising data in a database. It can therefore be used to model a variety of real-world situations. As a result, it is the most widely used database model today - and has been for a couple of decades. Relational databases are the workhorses of the industry and are used in the vast majority of data storage situations. These databases have several advantages over other database types, such as being very versatile and allowing complex queries.