Ruby is an object-oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in 1995. Since 2012, the Ruby standard has been specified under the ISO/IEC 30170 standard.
With the name, the language should be a jewel among programming languages.

What is Ruby?

The programming language was released in 1995 and developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The developer wanted to create a new language that contained a collection of the best elements possessed by other programming languages he valued. These included Perl, Ada, Smalltalk, Lisp and Eiffel.
In the next step, the language should be more object-oriented than Python and at the same time more flexible than Perl.

The success of the new programming language was not long in coming, at least in Japan. Shortly after its release, it was quickly used in many areas.
It first came to the attention of the non-Asian world in 2006 in the course of a number of publications dealing with the new programming language.
The language became popular mainly because of its relatively simple syntax and its usability on many systems such as Linux distributions, UNIX systems, MacOS devices, Windows and OS/2.

This also achieved the goal of making it very easy for programmers to read the source code.
Due to its high flexibility and simple syntax, the programming language with its framework "Ruby on rails" was largely used as a scripting language in server applications and at the same time replaced many Bash scripts in projects.

One example in which it becomes clear why the programming language is more object-oriented than Python is the handling of numbers and mathematical operators.
In Ruby, everything is an object with its own instance variables and methods. Unlike other programming languages, this also applies to numbers.
Thus it is possible to write "x = 8" and thus use the method of a number.

This makes programming particularly convenient. At the same time, the object orientation makes the programmes easier to maintain and structure. Components of the code can be conveniently exchanged or changed.