What is a singularity?

A singularity is a term that is used in different contexts. Singularity events are Occasional occurrences. The root word singulus comes from Latin and means single.

In mathematics as well as in physics and astrophysics there are singularities, which are called a place of infinite curvature of space-time described. In systems theory, on the other hand, singularity is considered the context in which practically a small cause produces a large effect. Geography describes it as an object that is clearly different from its surroundings, but not essential to the landscape. Furthermore describes the technological singularity Theories of futurology.

When does technological singularity occur?

What is interesting in the technological or technical singularity of the Time from which the Artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. From this point on, rapid technological improvements are expected, up to and including the self-reproduction of technology.

As a result, technical progress can proceed irreversibly and at an absolute accelerated rate. Technological breakthroughs are being made in the computer industry, in nanomaterials (graphene), optical computers and Quantum computers expected. Exponential growth in IT is expected. Also the singularity in the Robotics is synonymous with a rapid further development of industry and machines. Robots could facilitate or even completely take over work in many industries and sectors.

The future of humanity would no longer be predictable after the occurrence of a technological singularity. If a technological singularity occurred in artificial intelligence, it would not only be able to reproduce and optimise itself, but would also be able to develop its own consciousness. Accordingly, a higher intelligence is the last invention of mankind, since later inventions would largely be produced by machines.

Many futurologists have so far forecast estimates of the technological singularity and have had to postpone them several times by decades into the future. It is likely that the technological singularity will occur quite unexpectedly and cannot be fully predicted even by those involved in its development. The concept of the technological singularity is closely connected with the theories and ideas of transhumanism and posthumanism. It is assumed that technological development can significantly increase the duration of human life expectancy and practically realise biological immortality.

What are singularities in an FEM simulation?

An FEM singularity occurs when numerical equations are to be solved. The structure to be calculated is defined by insufficient boundary conditions, the system of equations cannot be solved and no technically meaningful results are produced by the calculation. The FEM singularity can be avoided by designing the parts as they were manufactured.