Our most experienced Data Scientists share their knowledge with you. We can provide you with grounded technical fundamentals, practical application and best practices in the areas of Data Science, statistics and Machine Learning, while helping you in putting your newfound knowledge to use in your existing challenges. In addition to our standardized training courses, we can also develop customized training concepts for you to ensure that you and your employees can successfully generate added value from your Data.



Solidify a Data-driven business model and train entire sections of your company in developing Data products independently.


Learn how to build knowledge, identify use cases, and exchange technical expertise with the appropriate stakeholders.


Explore new topics, deepen your knowledge, familiarize yourself with established methods and shape innovation.


Continual learning is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing working world. Keep yourself and your employees up-to-date on the topics of Data and AI with the help of our Data Academy. Our training portfolio is based on the needs of each industry and is therefore constantly evolving to suit the changing business trends and requirements.

Our Lecturers

Learn from the leading Data Science and Machine Learning experts in Germany via direct exchange. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into the practical process of countless exciting projects in personal interactions.

Our Experience

Our instructors call on consulting experience from over 1,000 implemented projects when designing their individual training recommendations. We know the problems and hurdles you face and can offer the appropriate solutions.


We make sure to address any and all questions in order to provide you with the necessary assistance. Our training courses are designed to be interactive, thus encouraging cross-disciplinary discussions. Every bit of input is important and relevant. We transfer problem solving abilities to all the participants’ diverse areas of business.


Learn the basics in order to generate added value from Data. Educate yourself in the various roles and specializations and gain expertise in utilizing the necessary methods and programs..

Let your Data tell its story. Learn how to visualize key messages and build dashboards, regardless of which tools you use.

Machine Learning is fast becoming the fundamental value creation and success factor of the digital age. Learn the basics and build your skills in the various sub-disciplines.

The mass of available Data is continually increasing. Learn ways of overcoming the challenges of Data processing and management. Expand and build upon your knowledge of Databases and pipelines.

Business Intelligence

Many processes and procedures within a company can be analyzed. We present the core concepts and the essential development lines towards building a Data Warehouse as well as the Business Intelligence methods based on it.


Whether you want to get a clear overview beyond the buzzword jungle, need an introduction to the topics surrounding Big Data and AI or are looking to train your own Data Scientists in new technologies – together we will find the right format to suit your needs. Let our tried, tested and successfully implemented training formats inspire you and contact us for a non-binding discussion with our experts.



The focus is on decision-makers looking to employ vividly descriptive and user-friendly dashboards to aid in decision making.

Suggested Content:

  • Data Science Kickstart
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization


The focus is on project managers/users seeking to digitize processes.

Suggested Content:

  • Data Science Kickstart
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Engineering


Der Fokus liegt auf Anwendern, die ihre Fähigkeiten vertiefen wollen.

Suggested Content:

  • Data Science in R / Python
  • Reinforced Learning
  • Data Management / ETL
  • Docker
  • Spark
  • CI /CD
  • Tableau, QlikSense, R.Shiny und D3.js


Data naturally accumulates in your company every day and so you have decided that it’s time to learn everything you can about the possibilities and limits this existing Data holds. Today, it is no longer enough to simply be in possession of Data, you need to put it to good use and make it work for you! With our Data & AI training courses you will learn the necessary skills for choosing and using the various tools and methods for analyzing Data and developing predictive models – fully customized to your required expertise.
Our experts and lecturers are hands-on practitioners: We accompany the process of digital transformation across all industries and as a result can draw on a wide range of experience. Concrete Data Science use cases, hands-on exercises and best practices complement the technical fundamentals of the training courses.


Alexander Thamm CEO

Alexander Thamm

Founder and CEO

As the CEO of Germany’s first Data Science consultancy, Alexander Thamm can already look back on an exciting career in which he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to develop viable Data solutions and to transfer them into productive modes of operation in a short time. As an entrepreneur, Data Science expert, author and much sought-after keynote speaker, he also has a personal mission – to develop training programs for Data experts and to bridge the digital divide together.

Elena Danchyshyna

Elena Danchyshyna

Expert Data Visualization

Elena is an expert in visualization. She has been working for Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2013, developing applications and visualization concepts and supporting their implementation and evaluation across teams. Besides the focus on visualization, she also has a wealth of experience in Data management and modeling, server management as well as application management. Elena studied business administration at the LMU Munich.

Vanessa Snagowski

Vanessa Snagowski

Senior Data Scientist

Vanessa Snagowski is a Data Scientist with experience in intensive, agile, use case driven project ventures. She has developed and implemented Data and reporting solutions in numerous different industries over the past years.

Her focus is on requirements management, the development of solutions for analytical problems and the visualization of results. Vanessa Snagowski studied Business Administration / Business Informatics in Passau.

Steffen Bunzel

Steffen Bunzel

Senior Data Scientist

Steffen Bunzel has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2017. His main focus is on the development of scalable Machine Learning systems for customers in the telecommunications, automotive and retail industries. Steffen Bunzel is a passionate Pythonista and a big fan of Python’s rich Data Science ecosystem. He loves to experiment with new algorithms, while still making sure to place great emphasis on developing solutions  with long term, productive usability. From his daily work, he knows how difficult the jump from prototype to production can be. Steffen has a background in statistics and operations research and studied industrial engineering in Berlin and London.

Dr. Christina Sievers

Dr. Christina Sievers

Managing Data Scientist

Expert in predictive analytics in the field of marketing. Has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2015 and, as Managing Data Scientist, works to develop innovative predictive algorithms for a wide range of industries in collaboration with her team of 15 people.

The focus of these projects is on the development of prototypes and the optimization of forecasting models.

Nico Becker

Nico Becker

Data Scientist

Nico Becker is a Data Scientist with a background in software engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems and has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2018.
As a versatile and multi-faceted Data scientist, with strong software engineering skills, he specializes in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. He has several years of experience in software development on various platforms, including AWS and Google Cloud.


Continuous Learning is in our DNA. We have recognized the need for well-trained employees and designed our own trainee program at a time when there were no degree programs in Big Data and AI. We have applied this developed concept across the company and have continuously adapted it, so that today we have training courses and specific development paths for each department. A number of subject-focused guilds have also formed in order to keep one another up to date on the latest techniques and technologies.
Anyone can have a hand in shaping digital transformation – The Data Academy is our approach to sharing the necessary knowledge and making it accessible.