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Data projects always begin with the development of a data strategy. It is the guiding basis for generating real added value and benefits for your company from data across the board.



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Data strategy in detail


Assessment workshop

In our assessment workshop, you will learn about the strategically important components of a data strategy. We explain the aspects of machine learning, big data and AI that are relevant for you.

Actual state analysis

In addition, we jointly assess your status quo, conduct a location assessment and benchmark your current Big Data, AI and Analytics capabilities.

Selection of the IT landscape

We offer technology-independent advice and, depending on your needs, find the right technology and provide support during implementation.

Role definition

For a successful project it is important to know which people and skills you need for it and how you can integrate them into your organisation.

Operation Model

The operating model is your "digitalisation engine". Together we define the 5 pillars of your data operating model: organisational structure, processes, roles, data governance and IT system landscape.

Use Cases

We help you to develop and concretise a specific use case. We then evaluate this use case together for feasibility and define the next steps.


In our roadmap workshop, we use design thinking methods to develop an overview and pre-selection of suitable use cases. We translate the business processes into data-driven questions.

Our experts for data strategy development

Our experts for data strategy development

Customer projects

Get an impression of our customer projects in which we have already successfully developed data strategies for various industries.

Your projects benefit from this



We develop for you customised solutionStrategies


Use Case Libary

We don't always have to start from scratch. We can access over 400 ready-made use cases.  


Synergy effects

Our diversity enables us to exploit cross-sector synergies and know-how.



We focus on Data,MachineLearning and Artificial Intelligence.

What our customers say

"For the kick-off in the area of Analytics & Information Management at HDI AG, we wanted Alexander Thamm to be the keynote speaker. The organisation could not have been more straightforward and the choice of speaker could not have been better: a real firework display on the state of data (science), analytics and digital use cases!"

- Daniel Magritz & Paul Dittmer - HDI AG -

"The project with Alexander Thamm GmbH was a complete success. I was particularly impressed by the deep understanding of processes and the great expertise of the Data Scientists."

Jürgen Häglsperger | Project Manager | BMW

"The cooperation with Alexander Thamm GmbH was very constructive. The results have brought us a big step forward in the digitalisation of our business."

Markus Lipinsky | Chief Digital Officer | MAN

"Alexander Thamm helps us to better understand the cooking behaviour of our customers and thus to sustainably improve the Thermomix. This ranges from simple descriptive analyses and frequencies to machine learning to recommend relevant recipes to our customers, for example."


"The cooperation with Alexander Thamm GmbH was convincing with its very efficient and professional approach and was rated super positively by the 50 participants."

Stefan Jacobi | Senior Project Manager | Porsche

"The use case workshop together with Alexander Thamm GmbH helped us a lot to tackle the topic of data-based engine model using a concrete use case."

Project Manager | MAN

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Simon Decker

Simon Decker

Data & AI Projects




What is a data strategy?

A data strategy is the definition of the long-term goals for the value-added contribution of asset data in organisations as well as the activities and resources required for this. The data strategy thus defines the master plan for creating added value through data in organisations and is thus a core component of the overarching digitalisation strategy.

A data strategy must provide an aligned response to all design objects. The sub-strategies are integrated into an overall programme for transformation into a data-driven organisation.

Can you guarantee us a Rol?

In order to be able to generate added value from data, it is essential that we work together with the client to calculate a business case for each project and to be able to check this measurably during the project. However, due to the innovative nature of many of our projects, this is not always possible - so in such cases we have to work with assumptions. A Rol guarantee is not possible due to the innovative nature of the project.

Can we develop individual training?

[at] already offers standardised Data Science Trainings on various topics. We are also happy to develop individual solutions. We are happy to adapt these to the technologies you already use.

What skills do your advisors have?

Our data and AI experts have a wide range of knowledge and skills. Professional backgrounds include:

  • Mathematics 16 %
  • BWL & VWL 14 %
  • AI, Big Data & Data Science 6 %
  • Engineering 14 %
  • Physics 9 %
  • Computer Science 41 %

Do you only advise or do you also take over the implementation and realisation of this?

With the help of our Data Journey we accompany you from your first idea to the finished data product.

Do you also provide non-binding cost estimates?

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate for your project after an initial discussion. 

What is the Data Journey?

With the data journey, we accompany you from the first idea to the finished data product. With the help of this framework, projects can be classified at any time according to the maturity of the data products and the subsequent phase can be planned. This enables us to generate real added value from data projects across the board.

Who do I approach with a specific project enquiry? What is the bidding process here?

For an initial exchange on your request, please contact our Head of New Business Simon Decker!
He will be very happy to help you with your concerns and will call in the appropriate experts depending on the areas in which your challenges are to be located.

Request here

We still need expertise in one of our ongoing projects. Can I book individual profiles in the course of this?

We would also be happy to send you profiles to match your enquiry. 

Does [at] offer teams or is there the possibility for single sourcing?

Our experience has shown that we can best react to the (sometimes unplanned) requirements in the project if we support you as a team. Depending on the issue, it usually requires more than one person.  In cases where the requirements are very clear, we can also plan with fixed project staff.