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[at] celebrates birthday

From the first to the leading data science & AI consultancy in Germany in ten yearsFrom four to over 300 employees in ten yearsUnique corporate culture and satisfied clients as the basis for rapid growthEuropean expansion and...

The Science of Forecasting - a guest article in Handelsblatt

Bayer relies on analytical methods and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict key financial and sales figures. The increasing dynamics of the markets make it difficult for many companies to predict developments and generate a precise sales and financial forecast. AI is supposed to improve this - and provide a reliable look into the future.

[at] focuses on the future of mobile working

Alexander Thamm is moving with the times and introducing a hybrid working model. In doing so, [at] is reacting on the one hand to the experiences with the Covid 19 pandemic and on the other hand to the challenges in the competition for the best talents....