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Benefit from looking into the future

Our sales forecasting software provides you with a data-driven basis for decision-making. For the first time, cause-effect chains can be made visible and analysed. Within seconds, a wide variety of sales scenarios can be run through. The time required to create forecasts is significantly less than with purely manual solutions.

Increase sales
Reduce expenses
Save costs

Maximise your margin

What do my customers need? Which products are in demand and when? When is the greatest demand? How do I manage order fluctuations? It's not just sales departments that put a lot of capacity into these questions. With our AI-based sales forecasting software, you can automate and optimise your sales forecasts.
Based on your data, the [at] Sales Solution Service determines your sales results based on our tried and tested probability models. Data-driven business decisions become more precise, goals clearer and budgets and resources can be adjusted precisely. Flexible forecasts are also possible with the [at] forecasting models. It is also possible to react to short-term events.

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Our customers

State of the Art

Predictive banking

Turnover forecast with high flexibility

You receive sales forecasts, selectable for each segment and product of your portfolio.
interactive user guidance

Interactive user guidance

You can interactively evaluate different scenarios via a simple user guidance.
Control sales team

Better control of the sales team

Your entire sales team becomes more productive by using the "AT Sales Forecast" and can manage all activities more efficiently.

What distinguishes AT SALES FORECAST from

1. latest AI algorithms

Our sales forecasting software was developed on the basis of the latest AI algorithms, which we combine in a unique way.

2. proven technologies

Current front-end and back-end technologies ensure the future expandability and efficient maintenance of the system.

3. infrastructure

AT-Sales Forecast" can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and processes via standard interfaces.


 4. safety

The application of up-to-date security mechanisms enables smooth operation and optimal protection of data.

More about Alexander Thamm GmbH

Alexander Thamm GmbH has many years of experience in implementing sales forecast applications for well-known customers. On this basis, a universal model optimised for different use cases was developed. This can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape of our customers via various interfaces. Either in the customer's infrastructure or as a software as a service solution in the secure cloud infrastructure of Alexander Thamm GmbH.
As one of the leading data & AI consultancies in Germany, we develop and implement data-driven innovations and business models in German-speaking countries.

Our service portfolio covers the entire data journey - from data strategy to the development of algorithms and the construction of IT architectures to maintenance and operation. We have already realised over 1,000 data and AI projects in recent years. Our in-house Data Academy offers training in data science, big data and artificial intelligence.
Alexander Thamm GmbH was founded in 2012 by Alexander Thamm and currently employs over 200 people. The headquarters are located in Munich. Other locations are Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Leipzig. Its customers include more than half of the DAX 30 companies.

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