Our team is interdisciplinary and consists of statisticians, computer scientists, engineers and economists. We have experts in various fields such as statistical models, data modeling, multidimensional modeling and data visualization. Although we are still a young company, many of our employees have many years of extensive project experience in various industries such as automotive, energy or finance.

Intercultural competences and flexibility are very important to us. Many of our employees have an international background or have already gained international experience in international projects. Chinese, Turkish, Russian and French are just a few of the languages our team speaks. By contributing different points of view, we can identify completely new contexts and connections within the company and successfully implement them together. This diversity is an important success factor for our projects.

Alexander Thamm

Chief Executive Officer
❤️ Surfen

Andreas Gillhuber

❤️ Family, Sport & Lesen

Frank Moritz

Head of Consulting
❤️ BVB & Tauchen

Michaela Tiedemann

Chief  Marketing Officer
❤️ Rotwein & Asien

Mathias Thamm

Chief Operations Officer
❤️ Garten, Golfen & Gardasee

Ina Kuhn

Assistant to CEO
❤️ Aikido

Vanessa Walther

Data Scientist
❤️ Fahrradfahren

Susanne Wolf

Chief Human Resources Officer
❤️ Milka

Steffen Bunzel

Data Scientist
❤️ Burpees

Carina Stark

Data Scientist
❤️ Skifahren

Sebastian Grünwald

Data Engineer
❤️ Philosophie

Klaus Roßmann

Data Strategist / Data Scientist
❤️ Ultimate Kicker & Mett

Marco Plaul

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
❤️ Cryptocurrency

Simon Kaltenbacher

Leading Data Engineer & Head of Technology
❤️ Freundin

Marcel Weifels

Senior Data Scientist
❤️ Hiking & Physics

Simon Weiß

Data Scientist
❤️ Bouldern

Xaver Krisch

Data Engineer
❤️ E-Sport & Heavy Metal

Michael Gehring

Trainee Data Science
❤️ Reisen, Sport

Andreas Hübner

Managing Data Scientist
❤️ Brettspiele & Raspberry Pi Experimente

Dr. Andre Hessler

Data Engineer
❤️ Krav Maga

Andreas Weber

Senior Data Engineer
❤️ Skifahren

Max Zipfel

Data Scientist
❤️ Snowboarden & Surfen

Veenaagaran Rajalingam

Junior Data Engineer
❤️ Skifahren

Charlotte Milaknis

Data Strategist & Data Customer Experience Strategist
❤️ Tanzen, Snowboarden & Natur 

Dr. Matko Soric

Trainee Data Engineering

Leading Data Engineer
❤️ Sailing, Running & Skiing

Victor Seifert

Junior Data Engineer
❤️ Bücher

Ludwig Brummer

Senior Data Scientist
❤️ Auf & unter Wasser sein, Brettspiele

Magnus Metz

Team Lead Sales
❤️ Alpinismus

Elena Danchyshyna

Data Visualization Expert
❤️ Skifahren

Jannes Lojkasek

Marketing Manager
❤️ Festivals & Berge

Nadine Schneider

Werkstudentin HR
❤️ Sport, Italien, Kochen/Backen

Kevin Risch

Senior Sales Manager
❤️ Snowboard, Kochen Essen

Clementina Kambobe

Assistant to CEO & Junior Data Science Project Manager
❤️ Filme, Musik, Essen &  Sport

Dr. Pablo Zuazo

Data Scientist
❤️ Outdoors

Borys Parasochka

Business Process Engineer
❤️ Klettern, Slackline & Neuroscience

Arne Kaldhusdal

Expert Data Scientist
❤️ Bücher & Sprachen

Oliver Rosenhahn

IT Operation Manager
❤️ Radreisen

Yannik Jozefowski

Data Visualization Engineer 
❤️ Musik, Wandern & Reisen

Dr. Christina Sievers

Managing Data Scientist
❤️ Dressurreiten

Dr. Fabian Eder

Data Scientist
❤️ Skifahren, Puzzlen & Fußball

Julia Kullmann

Operations & Process Manager
❤️ Backen

Dr. Carsten Dittmar

Partner & Area Director West

Raghavendra Kamath Bola

Trainee Data Science

Reinhard Sauckel

Senior Expert Data Scientist
❤️ Skifahren

Markus Appel

Junior Data Engineer
❤️ Snowboarden & 3D-Printing

Michael Scharpf

Account Developer
❤️ Reisen, Kochen & Garten

Karl Schriek

Head of AI & Leading Machine Learning Engineer
❤️ Literatur

Cornelia Thamm

❤️ Skifahren

Samir Wafa

Managing Data Engineer
❤️ Fußball und Lesen

Carsten Böhm

Data Engineer
❤️ Reisen, Bouldern & Laufen

Maria Caracciolo

Technology Partner Manager & Data Project Manager
❤️ Linguistics & Transculturalism

Peter Schulz

Head of Data Architecture

Florian Hornung

Senior Data Visualization Engineer
❤️ Reisen, Skifahren, Wandern

Daniel Lampertseder

Head of Data Management & Visualization

Liora Feicht

Data Scientist
❤️ Gewitter & Berge, eher nicht in Kombination

Sarah Eichmann

Junior Data Consultant
❤️ Berge & Schoki

Michael Oberhauser

Data Scientist
❤️ Käsebrot

Nico Becker

Data Scientist
❤️ Fotografieren & Handwerken

Martin Gramlich

Data Science Project Manager
❤️ Sport, Fotografie & Möbelbau

Avinash Mishra

Junior Data Engineer
❤️ Cricket, Kochen, Lesen

Dr. Nicholas Drude

Senior Data Science Project Manager / Senior Data Strategist
❤️ Familie, Skifahren & Lesen

Julie McKenna

Marketing Manager
❤️ Familie, Freunde & Reisen

Carolin Schüle

Junior Sales Manager
❤️ Sommernächte & Pasta

Maria Joß

Account Developer
❤️ Grüner Daumen & Kitesurfen

Florian Wasserrab

Junior Data Scientist
❤️ Kaffee

Tomislav Bodrozic

Data Engineer
❤️ Schach

Sebastian Hagn

Junior Data Scientist

Hans Rauer

Junior Data Engineer
❤️ Skifoan, Schwimmen & Surfen

Dr. Andreas Schmidt

Senior Data Science Project Manager
❤️ Flat White & Road Trips

Richard Bachmaier

Trainee Data Engineering
❤️ Fußball, Schafkopfen

Christian Lemke

Junior Machine Learning Engineer
❤️ Segeln, Volleyball & Sonne

Adrian Knauer

Junior Data Scientist

Asli Sabanci

Machine Learning Engineer
❤️ Refactoring, Krafttraining & Freunde

Nida Lovchev

Junior Data Strategist

Michaela Schlögl

Junior HR Manager
❤️ Reisen, Essen & Lachen

Lukas Müßle

Data Engineer
❤️ Sport, Schweißen, BvB

Verena Gruber

Junior Sales Manager & Assistant to Co-CEO
❤️ Reisen, Sport & Wandern

Roland Wiltfang

IT Manager
❤️ Reisen

Antje Jablonka

Trainee Data Science
❤️ Reisen, Berge & Entspannen

Naghmeh Fazeli

Trainee Data Science

Thomas Hecker

Chief Financial Officer
❤️ Laufen, Schwimmen & Radfahren

Patrick Glauner

Head of Data Academy
❤️ Sprung vom 10-Meter-Turm

Claudia Djukic-Müller

Assistenz Data Academy
❤️ Familie

Dr. Andreas Mazat

Data Consultant
❤️ Volleyball

Karin Jochmann


Lorenz Haller

Junior Data Scientist
❤️ Reisen, Fußball, Dart

Joachim Sarkoschitz

Data Engineer

Emily Söhler

Junior Data Scientist
❤️ Reisen, Essen

Mario Kuhn

Area Director Süddeutschland

Irfan Basha

Data Engineer
❤️ Reisen, Skifahren, Wandern

Franziska Schropp

HR Manager
❤️ Berge

Ruth Köhler

Trainee Data Science

Katharina Pöppel

Backoffice Manager

Katharina Dietl

Junior HR Manager
❤️ Sport, Kochen/Backen, Reisen

Stefan Kuhl

Junior Sales Manager

Vyshakh Unnikrishnan

Trainee Data Engineering

Carina Treml

Accounting Manager / Bilanzbuchhalter

Christoph Ruchlak

PR & Communications Manager

Anita Breitweiser

Junior Sales Manager
❤️ Angeln, Snowboarden & Kochen

Linh Nguyen

Junior Sales Manager
❤️  Fitness, Berge & Singen

Houssem Chattaoui

Junior Data Scientist
❤️ Football, Volleyball & Music

Luca Maria Trautmann

Trainee Data Science
❤️ Fußball, Filme, Backen

Wolfgang Reuter

Leading Data Strategist
❤️ Data

Jan Bilek

Data Scientist
❤️ Eishockey, Brettspiele, Berge

Jose Manuel Berutich Lindquist

Senior Data Scientist
❤️ Musik, Motorsports, Fitness

Johannes May

Data Engineer
❤️ Data

Max Schröfelbauer

Junior Data Strategist
❤️ Fitness, Boxen, Essen

Mary Reni Rajaian

Software Engineer
❤️ Data

Louis de Gasté

Trainee Data Engineering
❤️ Klettern, Schach, Segeln

Noemi Salamone

Teamassistenz Sales
❤️ Sprachen, Kunst, Food

Alexander Fottner

Visiting Data Scientist
❤️ Data

Felix Fischer

Praktikant Data Science
❤️ Wandern & Fußball

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