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The connected vehicle plays a crucial role in the automotive industry today. [at] GmbH designs, evaluates and implements a wide variety of use cases, always keeping the customer in focus.

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Development of new, Data-driven business models

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It is becoming increasingly important for companies to network products and make them smarter. On the one hand, this creates an unprecedented experience for the customer and helps our client on the other hand to learn more about the use of its products. The latter helps in the continuous improvement of the products.


We combine data obtained from sensors with statistical methods to create new insights. For example, we can save heating costs by networking radiators or enable a navigation system with external data to independently avoid major events (e.g., marathons).


In various Connected Car use cases, we have proven for a large German automotive group how the networking of vehicles (Connected Car) in combination with statistical methods can bring added value for the end customer.
This includes early warning of icy roads, intelligent avoidance of major events, or calculation of the optimal refueling taking into account price data and deviation from the current route.

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