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We are Data & AI experts and support you on your way to digitalization. Together we generate added value from your data with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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Data Science Consulting & Development

Our services

Data & AI Consulting / Academy

Are you looking for consulting and support on your way to a data-driven organization?
Would you like to train yourself or your employees about topics around Data & AI?

We offer a range of workshops, individual coaching or we develop in-house trainings for your team according to your needs.

Data & AI Projects

Are you looking for someone to implement and program Data & AI projects with or for you?

Our data scientists and data engineers develop technology-independent data-driven solutions.

DataOps & AI Products

Are you looking for someone to run your Data & AI services and products with or for you?

Our data engineers and DataOps experts develop and maintain solutions and products.

Our Vision

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will help humanity meet its greatest challenges such as climate change, epidemics and a fair global economy. We believe in European values like privacy and human-centered AI.

Our Mission

We help people and organizations to use data and artificial intelligence responsibly and for the benefit of people. The focus is always on generating real added value from data. In this way we create an economically strong Europe with digital products and services that scale globally and are based on European values.


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Coming from the automotive industry, we have succeeded in transferring our Data Science Consulting approach to other industries. Meanwhile 50% of all Dax companies are our customers. We have already realized over 1.000 Data Science projects for customers in various industries.

Who we are

AI and Data Science Consulting since 2012

We are one of the leading providers of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the German-speaking world. Our Data Science & AI Consultancy was founded in 2012 by the owner Alexander Thamm in Munich. Since then our team has grown significantly and we expanded our offices. We are now located in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Cologne.

We generate real added value for and with our customers from Data, so that they will remain competitive in the future. For this purpose we develop and implement data-driven innovations and business models. Our service portfolio covers the entire Data Journey – from data strategy to the development of algorithms and IT architectures to maintenance and operation.


[at] Spirit

Data & AI projects


Data Trainees educated



Data & AI experience

Our large team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers hold up a wide range of ready-to-use algorithms in the areas of mathematical optimization, statistical methods including Bayesian methods, non-linear models such as decision trees, up to our favorite topic Deep Learning (deep neural networks). The use case is always our main focus – the translation of your technical requirements (use case) into the analytical model is the most important service of our data experts in our understanding

In the area of AI Development & Data Engineering you can benefit from our wide range of over 1,000 Data Projects for a wide variety of issues from preventive maintenance to non-payment forecasts.

Data Science Use Cases

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Customer Comments

on the joint projects

“The cooperation with Alexander Thamm GmbH was very constructive. The results have brought us a big step forward in the digitalization of our business”.

Markus Lipinsky | Chief Digital Officer | MAN

“The project with Alexander Thamm GmbH was a complete success. I was particularly impressed by the deep understanding of processes and the great expertise of the Data Scientists”.

Jürgen Häglsperger | Projektleiter | BMW

“Alexander Thamm helps us to better understand the cooking behavior of our customers and to improve the Thermomix sustainably. This ranges from simple descriptive analyses and frequencies to machine learning, for example to recommend relevant recipes to our customers”.

Vorwerk International Strecker & Co

Our partners

Creating added value from Data & AI together

German Data Science Society

As a sustaining member we support the German Data Science Society in the areas of further education, initiation and realization of events, as well as in the implementation of legal frameworks and the establishment of a communication and networking organization. GDS e.V. was founded in December 2018 and is aimed at Data Science Users. It also conducts various university and college activities.

German Data Science Society
DATA festical

DATA festival

Founded in 2018 the DATA festival is supportet by BARC and [at]. The joint venture organizes an annual three-day-event. It offers exciting use cases, workshops, tech-deep-dives, panels and networking sessions around Data and AI. The goal is to create a relaxed festival atmosphere, where participants can use the opportunity and exchange ideas with others! The event is a unique and innovative platform in German-speaking countries that links data experts and users and promotes networking

KI Bundesverband

The KI Bundesverband is Germany’s largest AI network of politicians, entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups and corporations. Meanwhile the association counts 250 members. The entire association is in constant exchange with political decision-makers and puts the topic of AI on the political agenda. It also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between companies and promotes the latest AI technologies. As a founding member, Alexander Thamm GmbH is very active in the KI Bundesverband. Our CEO Alexander Thamm acts as regional manager (Bavaria) and our Chief Product Officer Jörg Bienert is chairman of the KI Bundesverband.

KI Bundesverband
eco Verband & EuroCloud Deutschland

eco – Association of the Internet Industry

eco – Association of the Internet Industry is the largest internet association in Europe with 1,100 members. They promote technologies, infrastructures and markets of the digital economy. The reliability and strengthening of the digital infrastructure, IT security and trust as well as ethically oriented digitalization are the focal points of the association’s work. Eco is committed to a free, technology-neutral and powerful internet. We at [at] are pleased to be an official member of the eco association and EuroCloud Germany. The official contact person is Andreas Hübner – Managing Data Scientist & Practice Lead.

UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. Based on 10 universal principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, it pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets, today and in the future. By joining [at], we support these values and want to make an important contribution to meeting the challenges through our commitment.

UN Global Compact Logo

Further Partnerships

Together with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft we are working on various research projects on Artificial Intelligence. We also work closely with different colleges and universities – including the Technical University of Munich (TU) and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU).

As a Data Science Consultancy we are involved with Bitkom, the digital association of Germany. We also have a long-standing cooperation with TDWI e.V. TDWI is the central community for analytics and business intelligence in Germany.