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LLM Explainability: Why the "why" is so important

"Explainable AI" (XAI) is crucial for understanding the decision logic of highly complex AI models such as LLMs. Suppose you have applied for a loan from a bank. In a conversation with the bank representative, you are told that your...

An Introduction to Foundation Models

Generative AI is a popular term in the business world, and the underlying technology, Foundation Models (FMs for short), is gaining traction due to its widespread use and adoption. The technology is of interest to businesses at...

Know how: Cloud Engineer in the job profile

The steady transition of modern organisations to cloud computing and data storage creates the need for a cloud engineer. Cloud engineers are IT employees who are responsible for all technical tasks related to cloud computing.

Data security: compactly explained

Everything that is valuable must be protected, and that includes data. The importance of data in today's world makes it an asset worth protecting, which makes data security a necessary technological concept. This...

European AI Act

Technological and legal advice