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Explainable AI - Methods for explaining AI models

Explainable AI (XAI) is currently one of the most discussed topics in the field of AI. Developments such as the European Union's AI Act, which makes explainability a mandatory property of AI models in critical domains, have brought XAI into the focus of many companies developing or applying AI models. As this now applies to a large part of the economy, the demand for methods that can describe the decisions of models in a comprehensible way has increased immensely.

Feature Stores - An Overview

From time to time, a new software system appears on the horizon of the technology landscape. In this paper we look at such a new data access and processing layer: the feature store. It will play an important role in the construction of intelligent systems based on machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Data Culture - The key role of data culture

In an era where data has become one of the most valuable resources for organisations, a data-driven culture defines the future of success. Organisations today are faced with the challenge of not only collecting data, but also ensuring that...

Cloud migration: A guide for businesses

Cloud migration offers a way for companies to transform their IT infrastructure and improve business performance. The benefits for businesses in terms of scale, flexibility and cost efficiency are...

Our partner Aleph Alpha: AI made in Germany

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, partnerships are crucial to leverage complementary strengths and accelerate innovation. Such a strategic alliance has now been formed by the Heidelberg-based AI startup...

Generative AI - Chat Gpt & Co.

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