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Do you already have plans for the application of AI in your company or are you looking for help in finding ideas? Our experts support you in analysing your data and identifying possible applications, check your planned projects for benefits and feasibility and programme initial prototypes.



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Date Science Services in detail

The DataLab is about testing use cases as quickly as possible. Therefore, the first step is to create a use case concept and then to carry out a proof of concept. A test environment is also built so that the feasibility of the use case can be quickly assessed. Once this is done, the next step is the development of a first prototype.



In the conception phase, we develop hypotheses for the use cases and analyse the data. The use case idea thus becomes an analytical concept.  


In the exploration phase, we build a test environment based on your data with the aim of obtaining reliable results as quickly as possible. In this way, we ensure that the defined use cases can also be implemented.


The first version of your analytics or AI application is then programmed to provide you with a verified prototype.

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Customer projects

Get an impression of our projects in which we have already successfully developed use cases with customers in various industries.

Your projects benefit from this


Sustainable Data Science

In the Data Lab, it is important to us to work together with you openly, transparently and at eye level. That's why we rely on white box solutions that are individually tailored to your
needs and bring you immediate benefits.


Embedded Data Science

The Data Lab forms the interface between the data strategy and the implementation of products. This ensures that we always focus on business value from the idea to the first prototype.


Reliable Data Science

Like a trusted GP, our Data Scientists have developed a sense of what can and cannot work. With a broad range of skills gained from over 1000+ projects, we reduce the risk and maximise the feasibility of your data projects.


Data Science at the cutting edge

Our data scientists are constantly learning and are optimally networked. This gives our project teams and you as a customer permanent access to the latest AI methods and technologies.

What our customers say

"For the kick-off in the area of Analytics & Information Management at HDI AG, we wanted Alexander Thamm to be the keynote speaker. The organisation could not have been more straightforward and the choice of speaker could not have been better: a real firework display on the state of data (science), analytics and digital use cases!"

- Daniel Magritz & Paul Dittmer - HDI AG -

"The project with Alexander Thamm GmbH was a complete success. I was particularly impressed by the deep understanding of processes and the great expertise of the Data Scientists."

Jürgen Häglsperger | Project Manager | BMW

"The cooperation with Alexander Thamm GmbH was very constructive. The results have brought us a big step forward in the digitalisation of our business."

Markus Lipinsky | Chief Digital Officer | MAN

"Alexander Thamm helps us to better understand the cooking behaviour of our customers and thus to sustainably improve the Thermomix. This ranges from simple descriptive analyses and frequencies to machine learning to recommend relevant recipes to our customers, for example."


"The cooperation with Alexander Thamm GmbH was convincing with its very efficient and professional approach and was rated super positively by the 50 participants."

Stefan Jacobi | Senior Project Manager | Porsche

"The use case workshop together with Alexander Thamm GmbH helped us a lot to tackle the topic of data-based engine model using a concrete use case."

Project Manager | MAN

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