Data Strategy Consulting & Development

In the age of AI, a well-considered and effective business data strategy is crucial to remain competitive. It is the foundation for the successful Implementation any data projects and creates a holistic target picture. All too often, however, a comprehensive data strategy is missing or only exists in the broad outlines. We develop together with you to develop a data strategy that fits in with your strategic company-targets - from the data basis and data governance to use cases, organisation, architecture and roadmaps. 

Data strategy consulting for your company

Your data strategy didn't work out, the results remained below your expectations or you don't have a well-defined data strategy for your company yet? Then we should talk! At Alexander Thamm GmbH, we provide you with independent and technology-agnostic advice. We always think of strategy holistically, because even the best strategy can fail if people are not involved. We therefore attach great importance to the participation of employees - in the sense of a living "data culture" - and involve all relevant stakeholders in your data strategy development from day one.

The development of a sustainable and future-proof business data strategy offers numerous advantages:

  • NBetter scalability of data products and projects
  • NClear goals and defined roadmaps
  • NCompetitiveness in the dynamic AI era
  • NStrengthening the commitment of employees (support in change management)
  • NCreation of transparent processes and structures (data governance)

Our Data Strategy Services

Development of a data strategy

Looking for a well thought-out, goal-oriented data strategy that seamlessly integrates data collection, data quality, data management, data protection and data analysis? At Alexander Thamm GmbH, we design a comprehensive data strategy for your company that is tailored to your specific needs.

Data Strategy Assessment

Our Data Strategy Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of your current data landscape, identifies strengths and potentials and offers concrete recommendations for action to optimise your data-driven processes and ensure the success of your data strategy.

Your experts

Ursula Besbak, Data Strategist, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Ursula Besbak

Data Strategist | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Dr Carsten Dittmar, Partner and Area Director West, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Dr Carsten Dittmar

Partner and Area Director West | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Customer references

Data strategy for a mobility worker, an orange chess piece on a board

Data strategy development

for a mobility provider

Great Lakes in Data Analytics for a reinsurer, two hands touching each other in an elegy of depth and dream

Data Analytics

for a reinsurer

Data Strategy Workshop for a car company, a sculpture course in a studio with a vintage car

Data Strategy Workshop

for an automotive group

Data Mesh for an industrial company, a fisherman in his dinghy, catching fish with a net

Conceptual design of a data mesh

for an industrial company

Our methodology: the [at] Data Journey

Today, much of the business value is based on the analysis of data. The crucial question is how do we generate value from data to turn problems into concrete solutions?

With the Data Journey we have developed a holistic system for Data & AI projects, with which we can determine the starting position and Taking a holistic view of our customers' problemsin order to be able to offer them the best possible advice and the best possible solutions:

From comprehensive consulting and development of a data strategy, through proof of concept and prototypes, to the finished product and subsequent continuous maintenance and optimisation.

[Data Journey by Alexander Thamm GmbH, Data Strategy, Data Lab, Data Factory and DataOps in a Flowchart

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