We at [at] are aware that we bear responsibility for the future and know that as a company we exert a strong influence on the economy and society. That is why we are particularly concerned to act in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and to make our contribution to a world worth living in for future generations.

For us, social responsibility means working for a sustainable economy, a value-oriented society and the protection of the environment, and living these values in our daily cooperation with each other and with our customers.

We want to set an example and inspire others and are aware that each and every one of us can contribute to making the world a little bit better.


Team - CSR at Alexander Thamm


Especially for the younger generation, it is no longer just the salary that counts when looking for a job, but above all the sustainability of the company.

Customers - CSR at Alexander Thamm


Business partners increasingly analyse their supply chain and prefer companies that are transparent about their carbon footprint. 

Society - CSR at Alexander Thamm


Society expects companies to actively promote sustainable, social and ethical solutions.

Partner - CSR at Alexander Thamm


Only with strong cooperation and partnerships can we really make a difference.

Politics - CSR at Alexander Thamm


It is only a matter of time before climate policy will strongly influence all business activities.

Code of Conduct

Social, ecological and ethical responsibility have been relevant elements of our daily work at [at] since the company was founded. Based on our values, we have jointly developed a Code of Conduct that serves as the basis for our daily actions and at the same time is a promise to the outside world for responsible behaviour towards business partners and the public, but also in our dealings with each other and within the company.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and an important part of our corporate culture. In our Sustainability Report 22, we report on the progress we have made as a company in the past year to drive responsible action and sustainable business. We want to lead by example and inspire others - because as a data & AI consultancy, we know that technology can help us to act positively in terms of sustainability.

Sustainability in numbers


Green electricity at our own locations


Women's quota


open-ended employment contracts

different nationalities


Green City is a non-profit association that has been working on the vision of a green, liveable and sustainable Munich for over 30 years. As a Munich-based company, it is therefore of particular concern to us to support this association and to commit ourselves to a sustainable Munich. Through this membership, we not only benefit from the association's expert knowledge, but also from company-specific CSR events, lectures and workshops that sensitise us and inspire us to further activities and measures.

Logo UN Global Compact - We support

The United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. Based on 10 universal principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, it pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets, today and in the future. By joining [at], we support these values and want to make an important contribution to meeting the challenges through our commitment.

Our activities



Signatories of the Diversity Charter

EcoVadis Silver Medal

Since 30 March we are signatories of the Diversity Charter. The association is the largest employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions in Germany.



CO2-consumption fully compensated

EcoVadis Silver Medal

Since 1 August [at] is a climate-neutral company. In concrete terms, this means that the CO2-footprint of the company was determined and fully offset by the purchase of certificates.


Sustainability awarded by Ecovadis

EcoVadis Silver Medal

We were awarded the silver medal by Ecovadis. This puts us in the top 25% of all companies assessed by Ecovadis and even in the top 16% of the information technology sector.


Publication of the first sustainability report

On the occasion of our first anniversary of UN Global Compact membership, we report for the first time on the progress we have made as a company to promote responsible action and sustainable business.




With the introduction of, we offer all employees a platform to increase mental well-being through psychological support.


Joining Green City e.V.

Together with Green City e.V., we are committed to a green, sustainable and liveable Munich.


Introduction job bike

By introducing Jobrad, we provide all employees with an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative for the way to work and also for leisure time.


Deep Dive AI & Climate Change

Together with the German AI Association, we have developed a position paper on how AI can promote climate protection and sustainability.


Publication Code of Conduct

Publication of our Code of Conduct, which serves as the basis for our daily actions and at the same time is a promise to the outside world for responsible negotiation.


Joining the UN Global Compact

We are a member of the UN Global Compact - the world's largest sustainability initiative - and are committed to the 10 Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals.



Kick-Off CSR Working Groups

From an idea at the Christmas party, our initiative "Climate Action" was founded with 4 working groups.


Participation in the Climate Transformation Summit

First-time participation in one of the largest summits for climate and sustainability.


Introduction E-Signature

With the introduction of e-signature, we minimise paper consumption and mailing.


Sustainable travel

In order to reduce CO2 emissions from our travels, we use rail as our preferred means of travel and reduce our trips.



100% Green electricity

By switching to sustainable green electricity at our own sites, we can further reduce our CO2 footprint.