Manage your use case portfolio along the AI and ML lifecycle

As a SaaS platform, Casebase supports you in systematically building and managing your portfolio of AI applications in line with your corporate strategy. In doing so, the highest quality and governance standards are emphasised in order to fully exploit the potential of data and AI and thus ensure the sustainable success of your initiatives.

Casebase - Innovation Management Tool

Product highlights

The challenges are well known: Information about use cases is scattered across different tools and files, making searches cumbersome and timeliness uncertain. This becomes particularly challenging and critical when it comes to ensuring governance and creating reports. Furthermore, each new use case or emerging dependency increases complexity, emphasising the importance of maintaining quality standards and aligning development progress with strategic goals.
Casebase offers you the right solutions

Inventory library

Create a central, searchable inventory of all your data and AI use cases, including a model catalogue, and easily keep it up to date. Create synergies and transparency and utilise the opportunities for inspiration and reuse of existing resources.


Use case brainstorming

Start by systematically tackling challenges in your organisation by spontaneously capturing ideas for data and AI use cases and defining them in a structured way. Have the entire company collect them in one central location and use best practice templates as a guide to make them comparable.


AI life cycle

Boost the execution performance of your data and AI solutions, ensuring governance, quality and progress across your entire AI and ML lifecycle with customisable workflows, quality gates and best practice templates.

Use case documentation

Start systematically collecting information for your data and AI solutions from the ideation phase through the entire lifecycle. Develop and use specific documentation templates for different types of use cases. Gather all relevant model metadata, API contracts and container packaging details and make sure you stay up to date with any changes.

AI portfolio management

Focus on the use cases that drive your business and align with your organisation's governance and readiness to generate return on AI (ROAI). Implement objective scoring, prioritisation and tracking techniques, and improve decision making with portfolio views, dashboards and alerts.

AI governance

Ensure that your use of AI/ML is ethical, trustworthy and compliant with the growing number of AI laws and regulations. Systematically identify risk areas, ensure accurate and complete documentation and accountability in a centralised location.


CDO / Manager

CDO / Manager

Better understand your company's digital maturity level

  • Know what is happening in the company
  • Measure success in a targeted way
  • Derive decisions strategically
Development teams

Development teams

Get transparency on your use case roadmap

  • Set priorities correctly
  • Create your digital roadmap
  • Focus on the most important things
All employees

All employees

Anyone can submit ideas - know-how will be further expanded

  • Submit ideas quickly and conveniently
  • Gain insights about other use cases
  • Knowledge building on data and AI easily possible

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Proven data and AI process

Casebase was developed based on experience from over 1,000 data and AI projects.

Made in Munich

Casebase is being developed in Munich by a team of experts from [at].

Best practice templates

From over 1,000+ projects, we have created best practice templates that you can benefit from.

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