Casebase: Use Case Innovation and Management Platform

Are you using AI to generate value from your data, but suddenly you have many projects across the organisation and no holistic view of your digital progress? That's where Casebase comes in. Our solution helps you align your data and AI initiatives with your business strategy.

Casebase - Innovation Management Tool

Drive your Digital Transformation with Casebase

As a use case innovation and management platform, Casebase combines many possibilities to develop data-driven use cases for your company across departments. You have a simple overview of all your company's data and AI use cases in one central place. Together you manage your use cases from the idea to the product and have the opportunity, derive strategic decisions for your digital transformation.

Collect data-driven use cases

Ideas can be easily submitted via a user-friendly interface by any team or within a workshop. A best practice template allows you to make good comparisons between all submitted ideas.


Use Case Overview

Casebase provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your company's use cases. You can either search for exciting or similar use cases quickly and easily to gain insights into data sources or AI methods used.


Share your knowledge

With Casebase, you can easily exchange ideas with other colleagues on specific use cases and share your experiences. You have the opportunity to give feedback and have creative and targeted discussions.

Your personal roadmap

With the Use Case Roadmap and the Funnel Kanban Board, you are supported in developing and managing your use cases along the entire use case lifecycle.

Your KPI Dashboard

KPI dashboards give you an overview of the maturity of your company-wide portfolio, allow you to derive strategic decisions and monitor your progress in use case development.

Build AI know-how

Resources such as online courses help you become a data expert or product owner yourself to successfully implement use cases with your own team.  


CDO / Manager

CDO / Manager

Better understand your company's digital maturity level

  • Know what is happening in the company
  • Measure success in a targeted way
  • Derive decisions strategically
Development teams

Development teams

Get transparency on your use case roadmap

  • Set priorities correctly
  • Create your digital roadmap
  • Focus on the most important things
All employees

All employees

Anyone can submit ideas - know-how will be further expanded

  • Submit ideas quickly and conveniently
  • Gain insights about other use cases
  • Knowledge building on data and AI easily possible

Why with us? Very simple...

Proven data and AI process

Casebase was developed based on experience from over 1,000 data and AI projects.

Made in Munich

Casebase is being developed in Munich by a team of experts from [at].

Best practice templates

From over 1,000+ projects, we have created best practice templates that you can benefit from.

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