Data governance consulting

Data governance is for every data-driven company essentialbecause it offers the Framework for data integrity, dataquality and data security. Furthermore ensures she compliance with rules and regulations, enables more transparency and contributes to a more efficient and effective use of data. This paves the way for advanced analytics, AI applications and ultimately better business results.

Data governance - solutions for your company

Generates Does your company continuously use valuable data, but encounter obstacles such as lack of data acceptance, unregulated availability or poor data quality in the practical implementation of data projects? Is data use inhibited by organisational obstacles and uncertainties? We accompany you on your way to a performant Data governance framework! We advise you on the assessment - the recording and evaluation of the status quo - as well as on the development of the framework. and implementation a data management system tailored to your needs governance. We help you align technology and processes by providing a comprehensive and holistic picture of your Data governance Draw structures.

Good Data governance offers numerous advantages:

  • N Improved data quality for more precise analyses
  • NIncreased efficiency and easier use of your data
  • NImproved compliance and data security
  • NMore accurate predictions and better decision making
  • NCompliance with a data standard throughout the company
  • NIdentify, understand and mitigate potential risks in their data management practices

Our data governance consulting

Data Governance Assessment & Data Maturity Assessment

Alexander Thamm GmbH delves into the core areas of your data governance: roles & responsibilities, policies & standards, and processes & procedures. Through our practice-oriented maturity model, we identify the current state and work closely with your employees to identify pain points and optimisation potential. This not only enables an in-depth assessment of your current positioning, but also a valuable industry comparison to derive targeted recommendations for action and deliver superior value to your business.

Data Governance Education & Training

In Data Governance Education & Training, we provide in-depth knowledge on the key aspects of effective data governance. Through practical training and education programmes, we strengthen your teams in the areas of roles & responsibilities, policies & standards, and processes & procedures. Our experts accompany you in anchoring a robust and future-oriented data governance structure in your company and thus ensure the quality and efficiency of your data projects.

Development of a data governance strategy

Under the guiding principle "Design - Enable - Implement - Live", we offer a systematic introduction to the sustainable establishment of data governance. In doing so, we design company-specific goals and an individual target picture for your customised data governance organisation. Step by step, we define the streams of action to develop a shared commitment to the elaboration and implementation of holistic data governance. Ultimately, through our holistic data governance consulting, we create a roadmap tailored to your business to effectively treat your data like a strategic asset. Unplanned use cases, misuse of technology and lack of accountability will soon be a thing of the past.

Creation of a Data Catalog

A structured data catalogue is the key to transparent and efficiently managed data resources. By creating a data catalogue, we create a central source of information for you in which all data resources and their relationships are systematically recorded. This not only enables quick access to relevant data, but also promotes its consistent use throughout the company. Our experts support you in eliminating ambiguities in data origin and use and thus strengthen the basis for data-driven decisions.

Implementation of data governance

When implementing data governance, Alexander Thamm GmbH follows the previously developed roadmap by practically implementing and testing initial use cases. In doing so, we take into account individual factors of your company, especially with regard to the structural set-up of organisational units, entities and roles, including tasks, responsibilities and competences. We support the concrete design of the mandating process and guide the role holders in the execution of their function. Together we accompany the successive roll-out of the individual steps and identify further requirements for guidelines, standards and process tools. The result is the core for a company-wide implementation of pragmatic data governance.

Your data governance experts

Ursula Besbak, Data Strategist, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Ursula Besbak

Data Strategist | Alexander Thamm GmbH

José Manuel Berutich Lindquist, Data Scientist, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Dr Carsten Dittmar

Partner and Area Director West | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Sarah Lallié, Data Strategist, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Sarah Lallié

Data Strategist | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Customer references

Data Goverance Operating Model at an automobile club, a circus clown in a ring

Data Governance Operating Model

for a traffic club

Data sharing in the aviation industry, a collection of hot air balloons in a vast foothills landscape

Data sharing

for an aviation company

Creation of a Collibra Data Catalogue, a figure made of tropical fruit sitting reading a catalogue

Data Catalog

for a trading company

Designing a data governance framework, an angler on a calm lake to the setting sun

Data Governance Framework

for a reinsurer

Our methodology: the [at] Data Journey

Today, much of the business value is based on the analysis of data. The crucial question is how do we generate value from data to turn problems into concrete solutions?

With the Data Journey we have developed a holistic system for Data & AI projects, with which we can determine the starting position and Taking a holistic view of our customers' problemsin order to be able to offer them the best possible advice and the best possible solutions:

From comprehensive consulting and development of a data strategy, through proof of concept and prototypes, to the finished product and subsequent continuous maintenance and optimisation.

[Data Journey by Alexander Thamm GmbH, Data Strategy, Data Lab, Data Factory and DataOps in a Flowchart

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