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The development of ML-models is already complex - the operation of software and products based on Machine Learning provides teams and organisations with the but with new kinds of challenges. With practical experience from numerous projects, [at] is your Partner for the successful productive use of Machine Learning. Our MLOps consulting is independent and always thinks Machine Learning (ML) together with operational deployment, that's our equation: ML + Operations = MLOps. 

MLOps consulting for your company

Have you already developed or planned products based on machine learning? Then you should definitely ensure that the models used and their infrastructure also function in the long term. Because it is often underestimated how much effort goes into the mere development of ML models and data processing. The work on an ML product does not end after the model and the necessary data and interfaces have been made available. The biggest challenges still await: enormous manual effort, high cloud costs as well as questions and uncertainties in the area of compliance - keywords: DSGVO or the upcoming AI Act of the EU.

The use of MLOps offers the following advantages:

  • NAutomation of ML development processes so that the team can concentrate on the essentials
  • NProvision of a powerful infrastructure to enable scaling
  • NReducing the cloud bill through more efficient use of computing capacity
  • NMonitoring of data and ML models to ensure the best possible product quality
  • NCreation of transparent technical processes to guarantee adherence to GDPR and compliance measures

Our MLOps solutions

MLOps Workshop and Training

Workshops, trainings and seminars, for developers, data experts, product managers and decision makers. We teach relevant MLOps methods and technologies according to the requirements of different stakeholders. Whether a compact introduction or a technical deep dive - we have the right content ready.

MLOps Maturity Assessment

Analysis of the maturity level of your ML infrastructure with scientifically based maturity assessment. Together we determine the state of your ML landscape and develop a concrete strategy to automate and scale processes.

Implementation of MLOps platforms

Introduction of a customised ML platform solution in the cloud or on-premise. You do not yet have an MLOps solution? We implement it and accompany you up to the start and - if desired - beyond. This ranges from the automation of initial ML processes to a fully automated environment for ML training, monitoring and integration into your products.

Optimisation of existing MLOps products

You are already working with MLOps tools? Then we optimise your existing ML products. We analyse which tools really help you, such as model tracking, model serving and monitoring, and implement these improvements.

The MLOps solution implemented by [at] has enabled us to automate ML training and development for the VR7 robot to the greatest possible extent.

Dr Phillipp Tepel

Head of AI & Data, Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH Co. KG

Your experts

Mihail Vieru, Head of MLOps at Alexander Thamm GmbH

Mihail Vieru

Head of MLOps | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Kai Sahling, MLOps Engineer, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Kai Sahling

MLOps Engineer | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Gerhard Häring, MLOps Engineer, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Gerhard Häring

MLOps Engineer | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Customer references

MLOps in the pharmaceutical industry, a pharmacist surrounded by medicine, pop art print

Machine Learning Platform

for a pharmaceutical company

MLOps in the media company, a young man in an orange jacket and with orange headphones in half-figure from the side, slightly covered face.

MLOps Architecture

for a media group

MLOps in transport and logistics, a Freightliner semi-trailer truck on a track in the US semi-desert at sunset.


for a transport and logistics company

MLOps in the chemical industry, a woman checking instruments on a monitor

Maturity analysis

for a chemical company

Our methodology: the [at] Data Journey

Today, much of the business value is based on the analysis of data. The crucial question is how do we generate value from data to turn problems into concrete solutions?

With the Data Journey we have developed a holistic system for Data & AI projects, with which we can determine the starting position and Taking a holistic view of our customers' problemsin order to be able to offer them the best possible advice and the best possible solutions:

From comprehensive consulting and development of a data strategy, through proof of concept and prototypes, to the finished product and subsequent continuous maintenance and optimisation.

[Data Journey by Alexander Thamm GmbH, Data Strategy, Data Lab, Data Factory and DataOps in a Flowchart

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