Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry

The engine in the automotive industry is called data science and artificial intelligence. Data about production, vehicles and customers is transforming car manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in all areas - from production and quality assurance to the connected car and autonomous driving. Learn about best practices and experiences and start your own data journey.

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Artificial intelligence can be used to optimise automotive production across the entire value chain. AI and data science methods are already being used in many areas today. For example, speech recognition in cars is based on Natural Language Programming (NLP) - an important subfield of AI. The optimisation of navigation is also supported by intelligent algorithms that are capable of learning. Many driver assistance systems and certain additional functions, such as the prediction of the route for the automatic adjustment of headlights, are partly based on image data evaluation or object recognition.

Networked production and predictive maintenance are playing an increasingly important role in vehicle production. Highly complex processes such as autonomous driving are the supreme discipline of artificial intelligence. In principle, the use of AI in the automotive industry can realise major increases in efficiency and earnings in all areas. The use of digital assistants and chatbots leads to the saving of resources and helps to reduce costs. Customer loyalty can be strengthened in the long term through personalised, data-driven services and offers.

We have used our experience from over 1,000 projects in the last 8 years to develop a holistic system for data & AI projects - our Data Journey. A consistent data strategy forms the basis and the framework for generating real added value from data - we call it Data2Value. The Data Lab is all about speed! The goal is to test use cases as quickly as possible - from concept to prototype with real data. In the Data Factory, use cases are industrialised into finished products. The absolute focus is on scaling and sustainable generation of added value - which is why the user is also the focus here. In our DataOps, we operate and maintain your platforms and machine learning algorithms.

Projects of our customers

Since our foundation, our Data & AI experts have successfully implemented numerous projects in the automotive industry. Read some of our references on the topic of AI in the automotive industry here.

predictive maintanance at MAN


  • Prevention of 92 % of all injector failures
  • Reduction of warranty costs
  • Reducing convention penalties and securing follow-up orders
Connected Car



  • Customer loyalty through innovative services
  • Development of new, data-driven business models
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
predictive car maintanance


  • Reduce warranty costs by over 50 %
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Avoidance of expensive recalls
retention rate



  • Interactive tool to analyse customer loyalty and upselling potentials
  • Possibility to measure the success of customer campaigns
  • Effort reduction through automation
virtual salesman



  • Transparency in the sales process through intuitive visualisation with D3.js and HTML5
  • Presentation of optimisation potential in the customer's fleet with direct calculation of the ROI
  • Display of switching probability, reliability of the existing fleet and historical transactions
error detection of painting robots with ki


  • Two fault patterns can be identified with very high accuracy
  • For the implementation, the software manufacturer has corresponding instructions available
  • Successful presentation of the fault detection component to the machine manufacturer

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Areas of application of Big Data in the automotive industry

The use of artificial intelligence and big data is already having a massive impact on the automotive industry. In the following, we present some fields in which artificial intelligence is used by car manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.

Industry 4.0

Digitalisation of the entire production towards a smart factory to optimise processes and realise efficiency gains.


Churn Prediction

Identify customers at risk of churn at an early stage and retain them through targeted approaches and offers.



Optimising the customer experience through the use of virtual assistants and digital robots in customer communication.


Predictive Maintenance

Prevent machine and vehicle failures in time with predictive maintenance methods.

Connected Car

The connected car offers the customer more comfort, service, safety and is the basis for new mobility concepts.


Autonomous driving

The dream of a self-driving car is coming ever closer through the use of artificial intelligence.

Opportunities for artificial intelligence in the automotive industry


New Business Models

Develop new target groups and sources of revenue through digital products and distribution channels.


Increase customer loyalty

Create sustainable customer experiences and retain customers in the long term with data-driven solutions.

Reduce costs

Process automation can save resources in all areas.

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