Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG, leading consultancy for data and AI, enters into industrial partnership with ETH Zurich 

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St. Gallen/Gossau, 30 April 2024 - Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG, a consultancy specialising in data and artificial intelligence (AI), has entered into an industry partnership with the renowned ETH AI Center. This programme offers companies a central point of contact for all AI-related interactions with ETH Zurich and enables all parties involved to forge long-term relationships between industry and science.

As part of the partnership, Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG will make an active contribution to the ETH AI Center's programmes, such as joint projects, tech talks, fellowship symposiums and matchmaking events. The company will also be actively involved in the ETH AI Center's AI+X Summit, the largest and most important AI event in the greater Zurich area on 3-4 October 2024, while offering top ETH graduates internships, joint Master's and PhD theses as well as project and employment opportunities in a leading AI company. As part of the innovative AI community, Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG acts as an industry partner with practical experience in AI-specific research projects, for example in project implementations, together with other ETH AI Centre partners and client companies.

Andreas Gillhuber, President of the Board of Directors of Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG and also Co-CEO of the parent company Alexander Thamm GmbH, [at] for short, is convinced: "As a leading data and AI consultancy in D/A/CH with over 500 employees, all of whom have an outstanding academic education, we are strengthening our leading edge position in our partnership with the ETH Zurich AI Centre." He adds: "We want to establish ourselves quickly in the Swiss economic area and benefit from the excellent reputation and network of the ETH AI Centre. On the other hand, we bring our practical expertise from over 2,500 very demanding data and AI projects in industry, the public sector and with academia, so that the ETH AI Center also benefits from our experience."

"Switzerland plays a pioneering role in Europe in the field of artificial intelligence. This is particularly evident in Zurich, where excellent university research, the R&D labs of global tech giants and a lively start-up scene come together," emphasises Daniel Naeff, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the ETH AI Center. "One of our central concerns is to work with strong partners from industry and the start-up scene to drive forward AI applications that are secure, reliable and trustworthy. We are therefore particularly pleased to have [at] on board as a new industry partner that understands customer needs, finds solutions and implements them successfully."

Shared vision: integrative AI systems for the benefit of the economy and society

Both partners are keen to establish and further develop AI systems that benefit society, strengthen the competitiveness of companies and contribute to a strong European economic area that produces digital products and services that are scalable and at the same time based on European values. At the same time, Alexander Thamm has the vision to further build and strengthen data and AI knowledge and skills in Europe.

Based on competitive technological expertise, both partners are thus also making a decisive contribution to establishing strong AI players in Switzerland.

The ETH AI Center, for its part, is ETH's central centre for artificial intelligence. It brings together researchers from all 16 ETH departments who are working on the fundamentals, applications and impact of AI. The aim is to promote research excellence, industrial innovation and AI entrepreneurship.

About Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG

Alexander Thamm Schweiz AG is a subsidiary of Alexander Thamm GmbH [at], a consultancy specialising in data and artificial intelligence that was founded by Alexander Thamm in Munich in 2012 and has already implemented more than 2,500 data and AI projects. [at] supports companies along the entire digital value chain - from comprehensive consulting and professional development to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of data and AI solutions. The group of companies has offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Essen), Austria (Innsbruck, Vienna) and Switzerland (St. Gallen/Gossau). 

About the ETH AI Centre

The ETH AI Center is the interdisciplinary competence centre for artificial intelligence at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). We bring together researchers from all disciplines working on the foundations, applications and implications of AI. We are committed to excellence in research, innovation, technology transfer and AI entrepreneurship to promote trustworthy, accessible and inclusive AI systems.


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