Ongoing assortment analysis through a web application in the tool trade

With the help of an interactive analysis tool, the assortment adjustment process of a tool dealer could be significantly simplified and accelerated.

The complex process of assortment cleansing can be carried out within a few minutes

The prototype combines the quality of heterogeneous demand signals from different markets

The prototype combines the quality of heterogeneous demand signals from different markets


The constantly growing assortment of a tool retailer must be regularly reviewed with regard to various criteria. These include, for example, the sorting out of products with low sales and restrictions on storage space and advertising space. There are many interdependencies between the individual products that must be taken into account when streamlining the assortment.


The relevant information on the product range is presented to the user simply and clearly in a web application. Various criteria and business logics for assortment adjustment can be activated via sliders and check boxes and their influence tested.


With the help of the solution, the assortment adjustment can be reduced to a few minutes. The process can be carried out completely in the web application and there is no longer any need to create Excel evaluations, for example.

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An automotive company would like to visualise various market-specific data in order to create a Competitive analysis for the US market.


There will be a interactive and Flexible application, including of different maps with two different views implemented.


Relevant markets are identifies, analyses and visualises. The dealer or the respective sales department have the possibility to compare the direct competition with their own product and to visualise the relevant data.

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