Comparison tool for risk reports for a central bank

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Finance & Insurance

Area: Finance & Controlling

Using innovative technologies in artificial intelligence and data analytics, we have revolutionised the risk reporting of a renowned central bank and developed a powerful risk reporting comparison tool.



In the past, a reputable central bank faced a significant challenge: the need to find an automated solution for producing regulatory reports in the area of risk reporting. With regulatory requirements becoming more complex and the amount of data increasing, it had become difficult for the bank to produce its reports manually. The reports were not only time-consuming and labour-intensive, but also prone to human error. The central bank needed an efficient and accurate solution to overcome these challenges.


To overcome this challenge, we have developed a dedicated solution to automate the creation of draft supervisory reports. We used sample reports and best practices to identify the ideal report structure and content. Our expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence enabled us to design a solution that improves both the accuracy and efficiency of report generation.

Our solution has been rigorously tested to ensure its effectiveness. We used test data from previous use cases to ensure the accuracy of the solution and identify possible improvements. Finally, the proof of concept (PoC) was delivered with documentation, evaluation results and suggested next steps.


The result was a compelling PoC for the automated creation of draft supervisory reports. The solution enabled the central bank to produce its reports with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time previously required. This not only led to an improvement in internal processes, but also made risk reporting more effective overall.

We have also provided comprehensive documentation and training materials for the solution to ensure that bank staff can use the technology effectively. These materials help to promote understanding and acceptance of the solution throughout the organisation.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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