Development of a complex data visualisation for vehicle registration

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Marketing & Sales

We transform data chaos into clear insights - our innovative data visualisation sheds light on the darkness of the vehicle registration process.

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Complex data requirements and quality problems

The transparent Presentation of the entire certification process turned out to be one of the central challenges for us. Companies in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence need a clear presentation of all relevant information, visualised both thematically and according to the specific user groups. The complex and regularly changing business requirements made this task difficult. Added to this was the Poor data quality of the source systemswhich is a low user acceptance a circumstance that many of our new and existing customers know and want to avoid.

Innovative technology meets user-friendliness

To address this challenge, we developed a central data warehouse that drew its data supply from operational IT systems, including platforms such as Azure and Databricks. Through complex data visualisation, a "Guided-Analysis" application for Different user groups and requirements developed. This offering ensures that every department, regardless of its size, benefits optimally from our solutions.

One of our main focuses was on the Carrying out usability and user acceptance tests, both automated and manual. These tests ensured that the application was not only functional, but also intuitive and user-friendly. To ensure that our client always kept an eye on its internal processes, we documented and consolidated them in a structured way. A separate Data Quality Monitor was also created to constantly monitor data integrity and quality. Finally, we created training videos to introduce new users to the system quickly and efficiently.

Complex data visualisation for optimal transparency

Thanks to our expertise, we were able to create a "Guided Analysis Application", which can be used to create individual Overviews for each user group offers and at the same time on a central data set in a single tool based. This tool provides cross-functional visibility into the status of all certification projects across series, market and discipline, and enables active management and communication of deadlines and resources. This means that companies not only gain insight into their data, but also have control over how they use and share that data - an invaluable advantage in today's data-driven business world.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

Michael Scharpf

Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH