Data Governance Operating Model at an Automobile Club

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Increase the efficiency of your data science projects with the Data Governance Operating Model - your key to optimisation in the data-driven automotive industry.

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Positioning in the data age: the central challenge

In the fast-moving world of the automotive industry, the data & analytics team of a renowned automobile club is facing a crucial challenge: the team wants to establish itself company-wide as a leader in the Positioning the area of Data Science and thus significantly increase the relevance and impact of their projects.

Her vision was, Data-driven decisions become the norm in the company and the value their work brings, Communicate transparently. But how can they successfully drive this change?

Strategic realignment: The path to data-driven excellence

With extensive expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence, we have developed a strategy for our client that focuses on the Data Governance Operating Model. This model not only strengthens the five dimensions of the data strategy: processes, use case pipe, roles, organisational structure and system landscape - but also helps to ensure that the Data & Analytics team is operationally at the forefront.

The first step was to create a Use Case Library in the Share Point. This library enables a central and structured storage of use cases that can be used by different departments to create synergies and avoid duplication of work.

In order to clarify the structure and responsibilities within the team, we have a detailed Elaboration of necessary data roles in the Data & Analytics Team. Along with this, we have created an organisational structure based on the hub & spoke model, which optimises communication and collaboration between the different departments.

Another key element of our solution was the Elaboration of the core tasks of the Data & Analytics Team and the Clearly defined range of services to the company. This enabled expectations to be communicated clearly and resources to be used efficiently.

Measurable successes: The transformation in facts

Thanks to our detailed approach and expertise, we were able to achieve impressive results. There were Roll-One-Pager created that can not only be used for job advertisements, but can also be used for staff development. These role profiles contribute to the clear Definition of responsibilities and qualifications and support the recruitment process.

The use case library has created unprecedented transparency about ongoing, completed and planned use cases in the company. This facilitates the Prioritisation of projects and ensures a more effective resource management.

Finally, the master strategy slide deck we created allowed for a Effective communication of activities of the Data & Analytics team throughout the company. This has not only raised awareness of the value of the data strategy, but also increased stakeholder buy-in and engagement across the organisation.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

Michael Scharpf

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