Data Mesh Concept for an Industrial Company

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Consumer & Retail

Area: Marketing & Sales

Discover how we helped a leading industrial company revolutionise its data architecture and use valuable IoT data to make strategic business decisions with the innovative Data Mesh concept.



Our client, an international manufacturer of chainsaws, forestry and gardening equipment, faced a significant challenge. The company wanted to overhaul its analytics architecture to fully utilise the valuable data from digital twins and IoT devices. This is a key aspect in the modern data-driven economy, as such information provides valuable insights into product performance and customer usage. It was important to the client to have a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach that covered all aspects of a modern architecture. The challenge was not to let the intended data lake become a data swamp - a common problem where data becomes disorganised and inaccessible.


As a solution provider for data analytics and artificial intelligence, we rose to the challenge with a concrete plan. We started with requirements gathering and conducted a comprehensive preliminary study to understand the client's specific needs. From these insights, we developed a data mesh concept. A data mesh shifts the scaling of data architecture from centralised teams to domain-oriented teams, providing a scalable solution for big data. This concept also included data governance and permission control, two critical factors to maintain data quality while ensuring secure access to the data. We then moved on to the implementation phase and started building the individual domain instances. We successively implemented the defined use cases to demonstrate the performance of our solution.


The result was compelling. The Data Mesh approach recognises that only Data Lakes have the scalability to meet today's analytics needs, and our client now has a data management framework for their first IoT use case. Our 'bottom-up' ownership structure under clear data governance rules enabled the company to fully realise the value of its data. We also provided a roadmap for further implementation, including the definition of further pilot use cases. Thus, our client was able to further develop its data-driven strategy, relying on our expertise in the data mesh concept.

This project highlights our expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and shows how we can help businesses realise their data-driven ambitions. Our comprehensive view of business issues and understanding of our clients' challenges enables us to provide tailored solutions that have been proven in practice. If you're looking for an experienced partner to help your data analytics and AI projects

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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