Data sharing in the aviation industry

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Transport & Logistics

Area: Production

Optimising data integration in the aviation industry through innovative data sharing strategies and accurate demand forecasting using machine learning.

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The complex landscape of data integration

In the past, our clients have confronted us with a challenge that many companies are familiar with: despite a wealth of data that holds the potential for breakthrough business innovations, these remain Data often in isolated silos. This situation not only hinders the availability and accessibility of data across the organisation, but ultimately prevents valuable business innovation.

Added to this is the fact that the Data sharing is a sensitive issue. This is mainly due to the lack of accountability. When data is misused, no one area wants to take responsibility for it. This lack of a coherent data sharing strategy within a data governance framework has prevented the safe, cross-functional use of data.

Seamless and secure data exchange through innovative strategies

Based on the needs identified, we developed a customised solution that met our client's key requirements. First of all, we created a secure environment to allow the most free exchange of data possible within the framework of a Data sharing strategy to enable. A key element of our strategy was the Creation of a data classification model. This model formed the basis for ensuring lawful access and provided the departments involved with a clear understanding of the data structures.

We also introduced a data sharing agreement that clearly documented responsibilities. This ensured reliable data sharing.

    Transformation of the data landscape for future innovations

    The solutions we provided not only enabled a immediate added valuebut also paved the way for future business innovation. As a result of our collaboration, we created a roadmap for the transition in data sharing to close the existing gap between current data sharing and the vision of data sharing as a "standard".

    With the first action steps defined to implement the data sharing strategy, we enabled our client, optimise business processes and maximise business opportunities.

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    Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

    Michael Scharpf

    Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH