Data visualisation, UX and UI design for a direct sales dashboard

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

Area: Marketing & Sales

Discover how we transformed complex sales data into a powerful dashboard for a client by masterfully combining UX and UI design.

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The change in sales processes and the need for enhanced data visualisation

Our client faced a significant business hurdle. With the introduction of an innovative sales model, the sales processes in their multi-level Organisation redefined. This paradigm shift brought with it the need to revise sales controlling and adapt it to the current changes.

An essential aspect was the Efficient use of the accruing sales data. It was recognised that through Data visualisation, UX and UI considerable added value could be created along the entire sales funnel, which optimally supports the sales management of the markets.

Transforming Power BI Dashboards for Increased Business Intelligence

In view of the challenge outlined, we began with a thorough sifting and Conceptual development of the existing Power BI dashboards of our client. Our expertise in data visualisation and UI/UX design enabled us to optimise the visualisations specifically so that they could provide precise answers to the business questions posed.

The thematic clustering of the visualisations on the dashboards was made according to the specific use cases. A special focus was placed on the Creation of a uniform user interface for the dashboards. This not only served to increase user engagement, but also to ensure that the design could serve as a future-proof template for the expansion of further reports.

Intuitive dashboards pioneering digital distribution

Our work led to the Implementation of new Power BI Dashboardswhich enabled deep and meaningful data analysis. These tools quickly became indispensable companions for our client's management, especially in the effective implementation of the new distribution model. Thanks to the improved Data visualisation, UI and UX could use these dashboards as a blueprint for the Operational sales management be used in other markets. Not only was added value created for the company, but also a standard was set that could be used as a guide for future projects in the area of data visualisation and sales management.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

Michael Scharpf

Key Account Manager | Alexander Thamm GmbH