Fraud detection in the lending process of a bank

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A German bank was faced with the challenge of avoiding fraud at an early stage in the course of introducing a new credit product. Until now, there was no way to examine the relationships between customers, products and transactions carried out for suspicious networks and patterns. The goal was to implement an effective fraud detection solution to identify potential fraud cases at an early stage and thus prevent damage to the bank and its customers.


To meet this challenge, a comprehensive Big Data database was built. For this purpose, various data sources and systems were integrated and the data logically linked. The data was prepared for network analysis and pattern recognition algorithms were implemented using R. The solution made it possible to discover conspicuous and unusual relationships, processes and transactions.


The implementation of Fraud Detection was a great success for the bank. The novel approach made it possible to effectively detect and prevent potential fraud. An interactive and freely navigable app was developed to visually display customer relationships. The bank was thus able to receive early alerts for suspicious activity and react quickly to prevent fraud. The implementation of the solution led to increased customer confidence in the bank's security and a positive image boost.

Fraud prevention in banks is an important aspect of corporate security. By implementing Fraud Detection, the bank was able to protect its customers from potential fraud and increase confidence in its security measures. The use of pattern recognition algorithms and network analysis is an effective way to detect and prevent potential fraud at an early stage.

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