Implementation of data management reporting

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Finance & Insurance

Area: Finance & Controlling

With our customised, cloud-based data management reporting solution, we have helped a global insurance group to sift through its risk exposure and gain valuable insights at portfolio and client level.



One of our prestigious projects was to address the global challenge of an international insurance group. The complexity of the global risk exposure, caused by different risk scenarios and their accumulation potential along the corporate nexus of multinationally operating clients, had highlighted the urgent need for a solid solution. The insurer was looking for answers to underlying business questions such as: "What is the total exposure to a client group across all companies, industries and risk segments?", "What is the group-wide directors and officers insurance exposure in the banking sector?" and "Which parts of a given portfolio determine performance?". Answering these questions required a deeper understanding of data management and reporting, our specific area of expertise.


Our effective response to this challenge was to provide a cloud-based data platform and dashboard that enabled group-wide analysis of portfolio performance, exposure and limits at the individual policy, line of business and customer level, taking into account their corporate interconnectedness. This data management report solution provided insight into the complex interconnectedness and risks at a global level and enabled the Group to make informed decisions. By using cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence, we were able to develop powerful algorithms that enabled accurate and meaningful analysis of vast amounts of data.


The implementation of our solution led to remarkable results. First, we successfully scaled the global data platform by connecting it to nine country subsidiaries. This provided a comprehensive overview and better control over business risks. Second, we developed interfaces with external data providers to enrich existing data and achieve a global customer view. This data enrichment improved the company's ability to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

As a result, our client has gained a competitive advantage thanks to our data management and reporting solution. This project underlines our competence and value as a reliable partner for companies looking for high-quality solutions in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence. Our extensive know-how in these areas, combined with our comprehensive expertise in business management topics, guarantees our customers the highest quality and efficiency.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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