MLOps Maturity Assessment in the chemical industry

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Area: Production

Increase your MLOps maturity in the chemical industry with our customised MLOps Maturity Assessment.



Assess current MLOps capabilities and create a roadmap for a mature infrastructure based on the client's requirements and best practices at a German chemical company.

Our company had the exciting opportunity to conduct an assessment of the current MLOps capabilities at a renowned German chemical company. The company had already developed several machine learning based products on different technology stacks and in different environments. However, due to a change in focus to maintenance tasks, they were forced to stop developing new products. The goal was to create a roadmap to introduce a comprehensive MLOps platform that would cover implementation best practices and meet the needs of the company.


Conduct interviews and workshops with developers, end-users and other stakeholders to analyse needs and challenges due to the current MLOps infrastructure.

Our team conducted extensive interviews and workshops with stakeholders to understand the needs and challenges associated with the current MLOps infrastructure. This enabled us to define a set of guidelines to build an MLOps platform that takes into account end-user needs, business regulations and best industry practices.

We also conducted a detailed analysis of SaaS platforms, cloud providers and open source solutions. More than 50 criteria were considered to make an informed recommendation. This recommendation formed the basis for the design of the target architecture, which covers the entire lifecycle of machine learning and offers a step-by-step approach for rapid operational implementation.


Provide instructions for setting up tests, monitoring, logging, user management and different environments.

The cooperation with the German chemical company led to an impressive result. We were able to present the company with a comprehensive roadmap that made it possible to build a mature MLOps infrastructure. This included clear instructions on how to set up testing, monitoring, logging, user management and different environments.

Thanks to our thorough analysis and recommendation, the company received a clear overview of the available options and was able to make informed decisions. The target architecture and step-by-step approach enabled the company to move forward with the implementation in an efficient and targeted manner.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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