MLOps workshop for a logistics company

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Transport & Logistics

Area: Procurement & Supply Chain

Optimise your ML production and set new standards in the logistics industry with our customised MLOps workshop for your company.



In an ever-evolving digital landscape, data-driven solutions are crucial for companies to remain competitive. A large German transport company recognised the need to exploit their potential in data analytics and artificial intelligence. They already had several ML use cases in the prototype phase, but lacked the right tools and processes to successfully deploy them in production. To address this challenge, we organised an MLOps workshop.


Our MLOps workshop aimed to create a common understanding of MLOps and support the future development of use cases. We took an in-depth look at the challenges of machine learning in production and developed solution approaches. In the workshop, we presented the participants with a comprehensive framework that includes both tools and processes for standardising Machine Learning in production.

At the beginning, we presented a clear definition of MLOps and explained how it differs from DevOps and DataOps. We discussed the different roles and tasks and showed how teams in a large organisation should be structured to work together effectively.

An important focus was on creating a target architecture that covers the entire machine learning lifecycle. We described the tools needed for implementation and showed how to make incremental improvements to reach the target state. In doing so, we highlighted business aspects and emphasised the importance of starting early and implementing simple solutions.

Furthermore, we introduced the ML Canvas to the participants as a framework to structure their machine learning projects. We dived into every step of the ML lifecycle, starting with data exploration and ending with model monitoring. We taught best practices and techniques to make the whole process efficient and produce high quality results.


After completing the MLOps workshop, the participants were well equipped to successfully implement Machine Learning in production. They had a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solution approaches of MLOps and were equipped with a framework to implement ML use cases in a standardised way.

The transport company was now able to put their ML use cases on a solid footing and take full advantage of data-driven decisions. By implementing MLOps, they were able to increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve the scalability of their ML applications. They were able to move their models into production faster and shorten the time-to-market for new features. This enabled them to gain competitive advantage and delight their customers with innovative solutions.

In addition, the MLOps workshop led to better collaboration within the company. By clearly understanding the roles and tasks related to ML in production, teams were able to collaborate more effectively and improve communication. This led to a smoother integration of ML technologies into existing business processes and enabled seamless collaboration between data scientists, developers and the operations team.

During the workshop, we also pointed out the long-term perspective of the MLOps implementation. We emphasised the importance of continuous improvement and made recommendations on how the company can further optimise the developed solution. This includes regularly reviewing processes, evaluating new tools and technologies, and adapting the organisational structure to keep up with the changing requirements of the ML lifecycle.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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