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Revolutionise your information search: Learn how we enabled a fast, accurate and efficient search for relevant information for a renowned publishing house by using artificial intelligence and semantic technologies.



In the past, one of our clients, a publishing house specialising in legal topics, faced the challenge of providing its customers with easy and efficient access to the wide range of knowledge and information in its heterogeneous data landscape. This proved to be particularly complex as clients were often unaware that certain information already existed or had difficulty searching for it specifically. Traditional keyword-based information searches proved inadequate in many cases, often returning inaccurate or irrelevant results. This affected the user experience and reduced customer productivity.


To meet this challenge, we developed an innovative knowledge management system based on semantic technologies and artificial intelligence. This technology enables customers to search for information using their own language by recognising and interpreting the natural language use of users. The solution developed translates this user input into queries that can search the available data. By combining data science and artificial intelligence, we were able to develop a powerful search function that goes far beyond the possibilities of traditional keyword-based information searches.


The implementation of this innovative knowledge management system has proven to be a great success. It has dramatically improved the relevance and accuracy of information search results, resulting in faster and more efficient searches for relevant information. By reducing inaccurate and irrelevant results, clients have been able to significantly reduce their manual work and increase their productivity.

Our holistic approach and successful implementation of this project enabled us to provide users with an enhanced experience and maximise the value of their access to the publisher's knowledge landscape. This case demonstrates our ability to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions that support our clients' business objectives and increase their efficiency.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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