Data architecture

Data architecture is a sub-discipline of IT architecture. It deals with the basic structures and the fundamentals of information and data, their construction and their use within an organisation (for example, in a company). 
The aim here is to provide people or companies with the relevant data when they need it. 
For example, if a company needed certain data in the past, a request was formulated to IT, which then provided a system to make this data available here. This was a lengthy and costly process. This slowed down the implementation of corporate strategies considerably and may have put the company at a competitive disadvantage. 
By introducing a modern data architecture, a company is then able to obtain data for a change in the business strategy at short notice in order to implement it promptly. The use of a cloud solution is also very helpful in terms of speed. 

The data architect

For the implementation and introduction of a data architecture, a Data architect needed in a company. This is also referred to as a Chief Collaboraltor. This person then coordinates the individual departments, the business partners as well as the external providers in order to then implement the goals of the company to define a data strategy. This is done by defining the data architecture and the data vision, the structure of the data and by defining the data flow. 

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