This is a database product from IBM. It has AI-driven features to help you revolutionise the control of organised and free data through multi-cloud settings. While helping you make data entry easy, it will enable your business to generate AL value. IBM's Db2 is designed to collect, explore and recover data in a proficient manner. Now you can understand the innovative speed of the Db2 product for managing assimilated data. 

Originally, Db2 products were essentially developed to run in the IBM Db2 platform. Later, the Db2 server was invented, known as the Universal Database, which is suitable for all predominant operating systems such as Linux, Windows and UNIX.

Available Db2 versions 

The current version of the Universal Database in Db2 is 10.5, which has an SSL card to speed up performance. Below are other current Db2 versions with their corresponding names. 

  • 8.1 for Stinger 
  • 9.1 for Viper 
  • 9.7 for Cobra 
  • 10.5 for Kepler 

Other versions are: 3.4 (Cobweb), 10.1 (Galileo).

Updated data server versions and functions 

Based on the need for some sophisticated features of Db2, administrations can select any applicable Db2 editions from IBM. Below are various Db2 editions and their associated features. 

Server edition and version 

This edition is suitable for all medium to large enterprises. It can run on the following platforms: Linux, UNIX and Windows. 


This server edition is intended for workgroups as well as for the transitional management of companies.  
Through WSE, you can use High Availability Disaster Recovery and Online Reform Clean XML Web Service to support standardised alliances (Db2) and SQL imitation gridlock compression.

Express C 

Express C includes all Db2 functions, free of charge. It can be adapted to all physical or cybernetic structures. Express Imprint was developed for beginners and is suitable for medium-sized companies.
It has all the features of the Db2 data server, but its use is still limited. This edition has appropriate web service alliances, standardised associations as well as SQL gridlock compression. 

Developer Edition 

This edition is intended for a single request developer. It is suitable for designing, constructing and modelling the RFQs for deployment on any IBM Db2 server. This software cannot be customised in application development.

Why was the Db2 upgrade necessary? 

To fix the following: AD system errors, SSL certificate related problems, Db2 restore command.