What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a powerful analytical database that processes enormous amounts of data in a short time. It maximises the use of memory database technology to execute and accelerate data-driven actions/decisions. This technology is on the rise because of its in-memory computing engine, so it can process data stored in RAM instead of reading it from disk. This allows it to provide an instant result and analysis for transactions. In other words, it is a database that is faster than any traditional database running on a disk.  

What are the application areas of SAP HANA? 

  • Security and fraud detection  
  • Forecast and profitability reports 
  • Monitoring of the telecommunications network 
  • Supply chain and retail optimisation 
  • Monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption 

Why should you use SAP HANA? 

  1. For business intelligence: SAP HANA provides companies with advanced analytics, data processing and machine learning tools. Therefore, this feature has enabled businesses to process large amounts of data and gain new insights. This feature has also enabled companies to access real-time information and explore further market opportunities. 
  1. For faster processing: SAP HANA reduces the time it takes an ERP system to process data. In addition, its in-memory capability makes it possible to create comprehensive reports in a short time. In this way, companies using SAP HANA can make decisions based on real-time data. 
  1. For flexibility: With SAP HANA, companies can seamlessly integrate their data internally and externally. It can also be combined with numerous other ERP programmes and databases. This means that when a company implements SAP HANA, it does not have to discard its systems and databases. Instead, it can implement SAP HANA in addition to its legacy systems. 


Execution downtime: Migration to SAP HANA can lead to execution downtime. Staff need to familiarise themselves with the new system before implementation. This can lead to low productivity during normal working hours.  


As shown above, SAP HANA is the new norm for data storage, capture and retrieval. It enables companies to stay ahead of the competition. This is because SAP HANA has no limits and is scalable to the cloud. Put simply, SAP HANA is the way of choice for businesses that use mobile technology, Cloud computing services and machine learning and use devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).