Weak AI is a so-called artificial intelligence that has no artificial sensations. An artificial consciousness is also not present, in addition to complex and cognitive skills and abilities.

Areas of application

In the global economy, it is normal for AI systems to be used in a supportive capacity. This includes, for example, weak AI. Systems of this type are not capable of learning on a large scale, but only serve a one-off and temporary purpose. For example, they can be used for facial recognition in sensitive locations or for various recommendation systems. In general, the use of weak AI fulfils a function in the provision and safeguarding of services and products that relieves the provider of a lot of work that would otherwise have to be carried out manually and at higher cost.

Systems of this kind are only fed with information and behaviour to a limited extent. These should only serve a specific purpose. Individual and independent development possibilities on the part of the AI are not given. Apple as a brand provider or Amazon also profit from AI systems in this way.

Strong AI

In contrast to weak AI, so-called strong AI has a special kind of consciousness. A good example of this is Android Commander Data from the Starship Enterprise, who, with the help of a special chip, can feel emotions in a very unique way and also reproduce them himself. AI systems of this kind can adjust to the strategies of others and develop their own procedures as a result, and even modify them over time. What is missing, however, is the human factor, which a weak or strong AI can never possess and apply.

Artificial intelligence

Weak and strong AI can be summarised as artificial intelligences. The main task is to engage with the behaviour of users without personal judgement and circumlocution and to present them with what they ultimately want and expect. Only the scope of the algorithms used and the information fed in determine the extent to which artificial intelligence can and may adapt to the behaviour of real people.

For some time now, many have been asking the question of whether a complex AI with Strong AI can also represent a living being at the same time. Opinions are often divided on this point. Living beings are characterised by birth, independent reproduction and the existence of a metabolism. Death is also part of this. Logically, however, nothing can die that was never born biologically. Thus, many people agree that an artificial intelligence cannot represent a living being in the classical sense.

Development potential

Under normal circumstances, a weak AI cannot become a strong AI unless the function for further development has been programmed in. Every type of artificial intelligence that has been developed so far has mostly served specific purposes and optimisations related to the economy or the private lives of the human population. Continuous progress is one reason why AI and AI systems are the future. Globalisation and the constant development of technologies and processes are always in harmony.