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Alexander Thamm GmbH - your reliable partner for customised data engineering consulting and services. In today's data-driven world, data engineering is crucial for successfully handling large amounts of data and generating valuable insights. We optimise your data infrastructure and exploit the full potential of your data.

Data engineering consulting for your business

Data engineering is the key to making your company a data-driven organisation and gaining meaningful insights for immediate business decisions. Through our independent data engineering consultancy, you can make better decisions based on the valuable knowledge you gain from your data.

Improve the quality of your products and the user experience by analysing the data you collect. Discover new business opportunities by predicting behaviour based on historical data. Simplify your data architecture to reduce costs and increase profits. And accelerate access to insights to shorten project timelines.

The use of data engineering services offers the following advantages:

  • NData discovery and assessment for higher data maturity
  • NData quality checking and standardisation for reliable data
  • NPowerful infrastructure for scalability
  • NOptimisation of databases and data storage platforms
  • NTransparent processes for GDPR compliance and security

Our data engineering services

Data architecture design and optimisation

Development and optimisation of your data architecture, to ensure solid data processing and an optimal set-up of your data lake or data warehouse.

Data integration and maintenance

Seamlessly integrate and transform data to keep your data infrastructure running smoothly. Offering comprehensive solutions for data integration and performing ETL processes to produce high-quality analyses and reports.

Data analytics and data visualisation

Powerful tools and algorithms to extract valuable insights from your vast amounts of data. And engaging presentation of these insights to make informed decisions.

Data pipelines and data flows

Developing and implementing efficient data pipelines. Configuring data flows, monitoring data quality and integrating real-time and batch data flows to ensure your data is available in the right form and at the right time.

Cloud-based data management and data storage

Scalable and secure solutions for data management and storage. Migrate your data to the cloud and implement efficient solutions for data management and storage in platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Data modelling and data transformation

Develop optimal data structures and carry out efficient transformation processes to ensure data quality and integrity.

Your experts

Dr Matthias Lein, Data Engineer, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Dr Matthias Lein

Head of Data Engineering | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Customer references

Data warehouse for an energy company, a warehouse with jars in which electricity is bottled

Structure of a data warehouse

for an energy company

Satenvisualisation for a telecommunication company, Alexander Graham Bell, telephoning, behind his desk futuristic objects in orange.

ETL processes and data visualisation

for a telecommunications company

Data analytics for a financing company, various car models around a bank woman holding papers in her hands

Data Analytics

for a financing company

Data transformation in retail, a safely transforming superhero photographed in motion

Data transformation

for a manufacturing company

Our methodology: the [at] Data Journey

Today, much of the business value is based on the analysis of data. The crucial question is how do we generate value from data to turn problems into concrete solutions?

With the Data Journey we have developed a holistic system for Data & AI projects, with which we can determine the starting position and Taking a holistic view of our customers' problemsin order to be able to offer them the best possible advice and the best possible solutions:

From comprehensive consulting and development of a data strategy, through proof of concept and prototypes, to the finished product and subsequent continuous maintenance and optimisation.

[Data Journey by Alexander Thamm GmbH, Data Strategy, Data Lab, Data Factory and DataOps in a Flowchart

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