Data Fast Track for
Data Owner & Data Stewards

Would you like to learn the data technology basics and basic terms on the topic of data governance in order to be able to coordinate on an equal footing with all potential process participants in your new role as data owner or data steward? This training teaches you the most important basics about data and AI. As an employee in the role of data owner or data steward, you are part of the specialist side of a data governance initiative and thus responsible for a certain section of the data budget. This gives you the necessary tools to navigate safely through the buzz word jungle and to take on more responsibility in your role.

Why the Data Fast Track? 

The target group for this training is employees who have only a superficial understanding of application systems and analysis-oriented information systems. The focus here is on a target group-specific compilation of basic knowledge. Current buzzwords, such as data lake, data mesh and machine learning, are covered as well as traditional and still current issues, such as multidimensional data modelling.

With the sound understanding of the methods and technologies for implementing data-oriented solutions conveyed here, you will be equipped as a data owner or data steward with the necessary know-how to generate added value from data in your role in the near future.

The following contents are taught:

  • Fundamentals of data-driven companies
  • Data Fundamentals
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Data Science/AI & Big Data
  • Data Management & Data Integration
  • Data Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Meta Data Management & Data Catalogues
  • Data governance

Your advantages

All the basics of the data-driven company in one training course

Compact presentation of the essential concepts, architecture and technologies

Comprehensible exercises to be able to apply what has been learned in practice

Our lecturers

Dr Carsten Dittmar

Dr Carsten Dittmar

Partner & Area Director

Dr. Carsten Dittmar offers over 20 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Big Data & Analytics as an executive, analyst and consultant. His consulting focus is on strategy, governance and architecture consulting in data-driven transformation programmes and initiatives. He is a well-known author and speaker in the community and one of the European TDWI Fellows.

Dr Christina Sievers

Dr Christina Sievers

Tribe Lead

Expert in predictive analytics in the field of marketing. Has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2015 and, as Managing Data Scientist, develops innovative forecasting algorithms for a wide range of industries in collaboration with her team of 15 people. The focus here is on the development of prototypes and the optimisation of the forecasting models. 
Wolfgang Reuter

Wolfgang Reuter

Leading Data Scientist

Wolfgang Reuter has been working in the field of Data Science since 2017. Since November 2019, he has been working at Alexander Thamm GmbH as a Leading Data Scientist Expert, focusing on DeepLearning, especially in the computer vision area. He supports projects with often innovative problem-solving approaches and has held trainings in the field of Data Science and DeepLearning at various DAX companies as well as working in various agile project roles.

Ursula Besbak

Ursula Besbak

Data Strategist

As Head of Data Governance, our clients benefit from Ursula's in-depth knowledge gained from over 20 years of experience in designing and building data governance organisations, as well as implementing data catalogue solutions. Ursula is also an [at] Expert Mentor and Coach for our own consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the training courses aimed at?

Our Data Fast Track training is aimed at employees in the role of Data Owner or Data Steward. 

Is prior knowledge necessary?

No previous knowledge is necessary for our beginner training courses. Depending on the desired level, prior knowledge may be required. These will be agreed with you individually.

Where does the training take place?

The training can take place in our DataHub in Munich for up to 10 participants. We are also happy to offer the training at your premises.
For online variants, we work with the best tool for you, suitable for your company's IT infrastructure.

How long does a training course last?

The length of the training differs depending on the level and format. Our standardised beginner's training, for example, teaches the most important basics in 8 hours.

How many people can be trained?

Trainings with up to 10 participants take place in our rooms. There are no limits in your rooms. Depending on the format, smaller groups are suitable in order to be able to address individual questions and needs.

Are there training materials?

Yes. Participants will receive the slides shown in bound form.

In which language will the training be held?

The language used is German. If required, the training courses can also be held in English.

What costs should I expect?

Of course, prices vary depending on the desired content, the level of knowledge imparted and the number of participants, to name a few decisive factors. Please feel free to ask for a non-binding offer!

Your contact person

Verena Gruber

Verena Gruber

Training expert

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