Machine Learning Trainings

Machine Learning trainings - from beginner to expert. Start with the basics or continue your education in the latest technologies.

Why Machine Learning trainings

Machine learning is becoming an elementary value creation and success factor in digitalisation. We provide an overview of the possibilities, methods and areas of application of machine learning processes and show ways from your idea to operational use. For future experts, we offer training packages in which the various machine learning approaches and techniques are explained. Whether supervised learning, unsupervised learning or reinforcement learning, we help you to better understand algorithms and methods and implement your knowledge with the common tools of data science and machine learning.
We are not bound to specific software or tools and objectively explain advantages and disadvantages for your use cases. Practical exercises and discussions round off our concept. Self-training models that become increasingly better at making data-driven predictions over time help you to optimise business processes and detect impending events as early as possible. For example, if necessary, customer churn or machine failure can be prevented. This saves money and increases process efficiency.

Your advantages

Learn in a practical way. Our lecturers apply their expertise on a daily basis in large customer projects and are therefore familiar with many problems and best practices.
State of the art methods are ensured through continuous internal training
Expand relevant skills for your job! We show you what is important for your work.
Apply your knowledge immediately! Our trainings include illustrative examples that are worked on together.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the training courses aimed at?

Our data visualisation training courses are suitable for employees from all departments, business analysts, data scientists and management.

Is prior knowledge necessary?

No previous knowledge is necessary for our beginner training courses. Depending on the desired level, prior knowledge may be required. These will be agreed with you individually.

Where does the training take place?

The training can take place in our DataHub in Munich for up to 10 participants. Holding the training at your premises is also no problem. In the case of online variants, we will work with you to find the best tool for your IT infrastructure.

How long does a training course last?

The length of the training differs depending on the level and format. Our standardised beginner's training, for example, teaches the most important basics in 8 hours.

How many people can be trained?

Trainings with up to 10 participants take place in our rooms. There are no limits to the size of your rooms. Depending on the format, smaller groups can be used to address individual questions and needs.

Are there training materials?

Yes. Participants will receive the slides shown in bound form.

In which language will the training be held?

The language used is German. If required, the training courses can also be held in English.

What costs should I expect?

The prices vary, of course, depending on the desired content, the level of knowledge imparted and the number of participants, to name a few decisive factors. Ask for an offer without obligation!

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