Data Science Trainings

Data science follows the motto: Easy to learn - hard to master. We enable beginners to acquire basic skills and knowledge in this wide-ranging field of data-driven work. We also train your specialists and data teams in the use of new analysis tools and innovative analysis methods. A Data Scientist combines many skills from different disciplines, especially mathematics, statistics and computer science. Furthermore, he or she should have knowledge in selected domain areas. We determine your individual needs, promote the development of knowledge in the relevant areas and create a practical relevance.

Examples of training courses

For beginners

Through our general beginner's training, you will learn the meaning and the difference of the common technical terms.

We show you how to capture problems and translate them into a concrete question. We also show you how to prepare data for analysis.

This is followed by the processing of the question using processed data and advanced analytics methods. The final step is the visual preparation of the results.

The training is accompanied by a selected fictitious use case in order to experience the imparted knowledge in a practical use case and to demonstrate the appropriate selection of possible tools.

Data Science Toolkit

We are technology-independent and can offer you training for beginners to expert level in the most common data science tools.

Educate yourself further in a programming language such as Python, for example. For beginners or specially adapted for users in the relevant industry.

For managers

We show you how to identify problems in your company that can be solved by an analytics team and which investments offer added value.

Together we identify relevant use cases. In this format, we have combined elements from data science training with workshop methods to give you a practical introduction to the data science project procedure.

Your advantages

Understand data science terms and classify trends
Gaining insights into what is important for AI use case development
Learning through practical use cases and hands on exercises

Our lecturers

Cordula Bauer - Group Director Product Development Serviceware

Alexander Thamm

Founder and CEO

As CEO of Germany's first data science consultancy, Alexander Thamm can already look back on an exciting career in which he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to develop viable data solutions in a short time and to transfer them into productive mode. As an entrepreneur, data science expert, author and sought-after keynote speaker, he also has a personal mission - to develop training programmes for data experts and together bridge the digital divide.

Dr Christina Sievers

Dr Christina Sievers

Tribe Lead

Expert in predictive analytics in the field of marketing. Has been with Alexander Thamm GmbH since 2015 and, as Managing Data Scientist, develops innovative forecasting algorithms for a wide range of industries in collaboration with her team of 15 people.
The focus here is on the development of prototypes and the optimisation of the forecasting models.

Data Science Training- diverse data - diverse possibilities

In the digital age, most companies generate a large amount of data on a daily basis. From small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations, this data can generate added value. The challenge is "how?" and starts with the right data collection. In addition, the collected data must be processed and cleansed. The goal is to make the data usable for evaluation, analysis and productive use. From this, valuable insights can be gained with suitable evaluation procedures and predictions can be made using advanced analytics methods. We will deal with the most important technical terms around the topic of data science and show how added value can be generated from data and how data-driven business models can be developed. An overview of use cases, necessary skills and technologies will be given.
All aspects are explained using practical examples and best practices. Our beginner's training courses can quickly identify efficiency-increasing potential in your company. For medium- to long-term projects, the training of management is just as crucial as the qualification of your own employees. Data science helps you to generate new product innovations, services and business models from big data. The information advantage over the competition is expanded. By building up the corresponding in-house expertise, you advance the digital transformation and secure a competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the training courses aimed at?

Our data visualisation training courses are suitable for employees from all departments, business analysts, data scientists and management.

Is prior knowledge necessary?

No previous knowledge is necessary for our beginner training courses. Depending on the desired level, prior knowledge may be required. These will be agreed with you individually.

Where does the training take place?

The training can take place in our DataHub in Munich for up to 10 participants. Holding the training at your premises is also no problem. In the case of online variants, we will work with you to find the best tool for your IT infrastructure.

How long does a training course last?

The length of the training differs depending on the level and format. Our standardised beginner's training, for example, teaches the most important basics in 8 hours.

How many people can be trained?

Trainings with up to 10 participants take place in our rooms. There are no limits to the size of your rooms. Depending on the format, smaller groups can be used to address individual questions and needs.

Are there training materials?

Yes. Participants will receive the slides shown in bound form.

In which language will the training be held?

The language used is German. If required, the training courses can also be held in English.

What costs should I expect?

The prices vary, of course, depending on the desired content, the level of knowledge imparted and the number of participants, to name a few decisive factors. Ask for an offer without obligation!

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Michael Scharpf

Training expert

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