Machine learning consulting

Alexander Thamm - your expert consultant for efficient machine learning services. In our modern, data-driven world, machine learning plays a crucial role in gaining profound insights from large amounts of data and optimising your business processes. We improve your data infrastructure and help you to maximise the potential of your data to give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Machine learning consulting for your company

Machine learning (ML) is crucial for transforming your company into an agile, data-oriented organisation. Alexander Thamm GmbH specialises in using appropriate ML techniques to improve the quality of your products and services and optimise knowledge management through detailed data analysis. We help you discover new business opportunities by predicting behavioural patterns from historical data and simplify your data architecture to reduce costs and increase profits.

Our aim is to make your decision-making processes more efficient and secure you a competitive advantage. Utilise our cross-industry experience and in-depth technological knowledge to develop solutions that meet your specific requirements.

The use of machine learning services offers the following advantages:

  • N Efficiently analyse large amounts of data for faster, well-founded decisions
  • NIdentification and correction of inefficiencies, saving time and costs
  • NImproving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • NImproved risk assessment and effective fraud prevention through predictive analytics
  • NPromoting competitiveness by developing new product and service innovations

Our machine learning services

Data architecture design and optimisation

Development and fine-tuning of your data architecture to ensure robust data processing and optimise the structure of your data lake or data warehouse.

Predictive analysis and modelling

Create and implement predictive models that forecast business trends and provide decision makers with key insights to support strategic decisions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Development of NLP solutions that enable computers to understand and interpret human language to improve customer communication and information management.

Computer Vision Services

Implementation of computer vision algorithms for processing and analysing visual data used in applications such as automated quality control and real-time monitoring systems.

Anomaly detection and fraud prevention

Use machine learning to identify unusual patterns and potential fraud activity to increase the security and integrity of business processes.

Recommendation systems

Development of personalised recommendation algorithms that improve the user experience and increase conversion rates through tailored product recommendations.

Your machine learning experts

Dr Matthias Lein, Data Engineer, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Dr Matthias Lein

Head of Data Engineering | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Victor Seifert, Data Engineer, Alexander Thamm GmbH

Victor Seifert

Data Engineer | Alexander Thamm GmbH

Customer references

Data warehouse for an energy company, a warehouse with jars in which electricity is bottled

Structure of a data warehouse

for an energy company

Data sharing in the aviation industry, a collection of hot air balloons in a vast foothills landscape

Data Sharing

for an aviation company

Data analytics for a financing company, various car models around a bank woman holding papers in her hands

Data Analytics

for a financing company

Demand forecasting of spare parts through machine learning, an employee at an abacus calculating a bill

Demand Forecasting

in warehousing

Our methodology: the [at] Data Journey

Today, much of the business value is based on the analysis of data. The crucial question is how do we generate value from data to turn problems into concrete solutions?

With the Data Journey we have developed a holistic system for Data & AI projects, with which we can determine the starting position and Taking a holistic view of our customers' problemsin order to be able to offer them the best possible advice and the best possible solutions:

From comprehensive consulting and development of a data strategy, through proof of concept and prototypes, to the finished product and subsequent continuous maintenance and optimisation.

[Data Journey by Alexander Thamm GmbH, Data Strategy, Data Lab, Data Factory and DataOps in a Flowchart

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