Data platform for use cases for a logistics company

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Procurement & Supply Chain

Area: Transport & Logistics

Discover how we helped a global logistics company master heterogeneous data landscapes, ensure security and make breakthrough data-driven decisions - all on a single, powerful data platform.



Our client, an internationally operating group from the logistics sector, was faced with a huge challenge: connecting about 30 heterogeneous source systems to a new data platform. These systems, which provided crucial data for the procurement department, were poorly documented and therefore difficult to handle. In addition, this newly developed data platform was to be provided in the cloud in order to be accessible by a large number of users worldwide. But not all users should be able to see all the data, an additional layer of complexity that further complicated the project.


With our in-depth knowledge and experience in data analytics and artificial intelligence, we developed a customised solution. First, we used Apache Nifi to extract data from the different source systems and load it into an S3 bucket. Apache Nifi is a powerful data processing and integration tool that was ideal for this project due to its high flexibility and scalability.

To process complex queries, we used Amazon Redshift, a data warehouse that processes complex queries quickly and reliably, which significantly improved the performance and speed of our data platform.

At the same time, we recognised the need to implement effective metadata management. For this, we used a central data catalogue tool that helped us gain better control and overview of the data assets.

Equally important was the implementation of a well thought-out authorisation concept. With a customised authorisation control, we ensured that each user could only access the data that was relevant to his or her activity. This allowed us to effectively prevent unwanted data access and ensure data security on the platform.


The result was a state-of-the-art, secure and user-friendly data platform for logistics that fully met our client's requirements. The procurement department now had central access to all relevant data for analytics and business intelligence. The platform could also be used by people and teams outside their own organisational unit, which significantly improved collaboration and information flow.

By implementing this solution, our client was able to improve their data-driven decision-making and optimise their business processes. This success story shows how our comprehensive understanding of data analytics, AI and business processes can help overcome even the most complex challenges. It confirms our position as a trusted partner for companies looking for effective data analytics and AI solutions.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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