Development of a data strategy for a company in the mobility sector

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Transport & Logistics

Area: Finance & Controlling

Find out how we paved the way for a company in the mobility sector to more efficient resource planning, improved customer loyalty and future-proof digitalisation by developing a customised data strategy.



Many companies know that the future lies in digitalisation. One of our client companies also recognised this need and decided to implement an ambitious digital strategy. However, they faced significant obstacles. A primary problem was the lack of adequate data management within the group. Without efficient and effective management, analysis and use of the available data, the desired digitalisation hardly seemed feasible. In addition, there was a lack of sponsorship from top management for initiatives that could improve data management. The challenge was to find a way to overcome these two hurdles in order to successfully implement the planned digitalisation.


The solution to this challenge was to develop a solid data strategy for the company based on the proven best practices of Alexander Thamm GmbH. This meant designing a coherent and powerful strategy that took into account all aspects of data management, analysis and use, while being specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of the client company. This strategy formed the basis for a template for a group board resolution, which was elaborated in close cooperation with all involved officers and stakeholders. Our work also included intensive and effective communication with all stakeholders, including the Chief Digital Officer, to ensure that the proposed data strategy was understood and supported by all.


The development of a solid and comprehensive data strategy resulted in the creation of a template for a group board resolution. This was supported by a detailed presentation that included a clear storyline, roadmap and implementation roadmap. The success of this initiative was reflected in the board's approval of this template and the approval of the proposed data strategy. Specific implementation planning, including financial requirements planning, was then initiated. This planning enabled the client company to address the challenges of digitalisation and build a solid foundation for future innovation and improvement.

Working with this client has once again underlined how crucial a well-thought-out and effectively implemented data strategy is for a company's success in the digital era. With our in-depth expertise and experience in data analysis and artificial intelligence, we are ready to accompany your company on the path to digitalisation as well.

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Michael Scharpf - Key Account Manager

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